August 4, 2011

First Franken!

click-thru for detail !!!
I'm just oh-so-excited to be showing off my FIRST franken! I essentially made a copy of China Glaze's Atlantis, but more blue. This all began because I ordered a lot of polish from ebay and I had a bottle of blue glitter that broke, so I immediately poured what was left into the only semi-empty bottle I had around AND it was already half full of opal glitter. Since I was already mixing things up, I decided to give it a teal-tinged base. I took practically all of the yellows, blues and greens I own and added drops of them together to make this (without recording it, so I have no recipe :( ) I'm really proud of it, especially as my first try. There's a little VNL, so I might try wearing some sort of underwear next time - perhaps silver instead of white, since I haven't tried that yet.

Have you made a franken before? Do you record your recipes? Do you think this is successful as a unique color, or is it a dupe of something I don't know about? Let me know!