June 30, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: Day 7 - Pink featuring Icing Lipstick and Lovers + Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power

Hi all! Today is the last day in the Rainbow Favorites challenge! I don't like pink that much; I've always just been more of a blue girl than a pink girl and I generally prefer cooler colors than warm colors. The glittery photos were really hard to take; there were lot's of reflection from the blingy glitter, so apologies in advance!

I picked up the Icing polish Lipstick and Lovers because it reminded me a lot of Butter London's Disco Biscuit. There's a great comparison of the two polishes over on I Liked Nails. Disco Biscuit is more of a jelly with micro glittery bits, while the Icing polish is a sheer pink base with really pretty blue-purple glass fleck shimmer. It has sufficed for me for now because, like I already mentioned, I am not really a pink person. This sort of glass-flecked pink color seems to be popping up a lot right now - OPI Minnie Mouse collection, Color Club Take Wing, the new NOPI exclusive for Walmart 'Best Pink Ever' (recently saw it swatched on Also Known As...). Really, the Icing is a pretty color, but sheer, and I had VNL after two coats. After swatching the two polishes, below, I decided to slap some glitter on the ends!

This is the simple swatch I did first with Icing Lipstick and Lovers on my pointer and middle fingers, and Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power on my ring and pinkie fingers. I did two coats of each polish and topped it with Seche Vite. Fuchsia Power looked like it was going to dry with a deeper blue tone to it, but the SV made it dry more true to bottle color - very strange phenomenon.

Ooh, glitter macro! I did glitter gradients on all my fingerbits with Wet n Wild Beautiful but Dangerous from the LE Sparks and Stripes collection. This is the same glitter as Wet n Wild Correction Tape/Spoiled Trust Fund Baby with blue, gold, and black hexes and pink squares. Super blingy and pretty glitter; so shiny it was difficult to photograph. Ta-dah! Pink nails that I wore for two days (but am excited to take off today).

Hope you enjoyed this fun challenge! I really loved it - it was a great way to work through some untrieds and favorites at the same time. Don't forget to check out the rest of the pink nails today (if that's your thing, you know)

Thanks for following along this week!

June 29, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: Day 6 - Purple featuring Catrice Dirty Berry

This post is a smidgen picture heavy because it's my favorite post in this Rainbow Favorites series; just wanted to warn you!

natural light; shade
Catrice ‘Dirty Berry’ has a really pretty cool dusty quality to it, sort of like a suede polish. I thought the dusty silver parts were really neat until I stepped outside and was blinded by it’s scattered holo goodness!!! Now I’m really sad that it doesn’t look so rainbowy and pretty inside :'( This was two coats of polish for opacity.

sunlight lamp; shade
bounced flash

Then I did some quick nail art! I did two different sizes of polka dots with Orly Wild Wisteria. I love the way it looks! Polka dots are so easy and fun; I have no idea why I do it more frequently. 

bounced flash

Next I swiped some quick french tips in Trendy #345, a pretty turquoise cream. This was my first time using this polish, and it was opaque on my tips but would most likely need two coats to be opaque as a base color. My boyfriend thinks this mani looks like dinosaur eggs!


I really love the way this manicure turned out! I haven't done simple nail art like this in a longgg time since I've done so many more complicated, involved nail art challenges (Lost-a-thon, Hunger Games, Potter-thon). Anyway, don't forget to check out what purple polish is everyone else's favorite!

Stop back again tomorrow to see my favorite pink; it's the last day of our rainbow favorite challenge!!

June 28, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: Day 5 - BLUE featuring China Glaze Secret Periwinkle + OPI Into the Night

Blue is my FAVORITE color! I did use two untrieds for this post, too, but honestly there isn't a blue polish I don't like (unless the application is awful). These two particular blues are more on the weirdly blurple scale, but they look fabulous together and I love them anyway.

The first coat of China Glaze Secret Periwinkle was watery thin and I was scared to death, but a semi-thick second coat made this perfection! I feel like it has lots of kissing cousins in my stash of Zoya and Color Club crèmes, though, so I'll have to investigate soon. For my ring and pinkie fingers, I layered 1 coat of OPI Into the Night over 1 coat of Pure Ice French Kiss (may actual favorite blue polish; $2 at Walmart, go get it already!!). I knew from reviews that this shade is super, super sheer, so I was so pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it looks with just one coat layered over a blue creme. I love it. I have maybe 10 variations of a navy-ish blue shimmer similar to OPI Into the Night (Girly Bits Denim Diva, Dollish Polish My Dark Passenger, plus drugstores ones), but they’re all slightly different enough for me to keep them all!

For an accent I layered one globby coat of NVL's Magpie Feathers over my Secret Periwinkle fingers. This combo is okay; I don't think the blurplish base color really shows off the periwinkley-aqua glitters in Magpie Feathers that well. I'll have to try again with a different base color soon!

Don't forget to check out the other ladies participating in this rainbow challenge! I am so excited, maybe I'll discover more blue polishes I don't already have :D

See you back here tomorrow for purple; I really like the nail art I did for this one!

June 27, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: Day 4 - Green featuring Icing What Planet Are You On?

Icing ‘What Planet are You On?’ is one weird beast of a polish! Definitely reminds me of a lot of the neon indies coming out lately. I really need to add thinner to it, so I won’t bother detailing the bad application experience I had. The first two fingers are two super thick coats and the other two fingers had a layer of Essence Nude It! laid down before they got two thick coats, too. This is a neon, so success with layering is a given. I want to try layering this over either the green or yellow China Glaze neons soon!

Manicurity: Rainbow Favorites - Green - Icing 'What Planet are You On?'
sunlight lamp; layered over a nude on ring and pinkie
Manicurity: Rainbow Favorites - Green - Icing 'What Planet are You On?'
bounced flash + sunlight lamp; layered over a nude on ring and pinkie
Sorry, this is the one day where I only used an untried, so this really isn't my favorite green ever. Essence Nude It! is my favorite nude, though. My real favorite green polish is Wet n Wild Jungle Fever, shown here in the 31 Day Challenge from January. I hope/think my photos have improved since then? Mostly just happy I don't let my pinkie hang out all weird anymore.

Manicurity: Rainbow Favorites - Green - Wet n Wild 'Jungle Fever'

Don't forget to check out all the other green nails below!

See you back here tomorrow for blue day - my FAVORITE color!!

June 26, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: Day 3 - Yellow featuring Orly Spark

Let me begin by saying that I really like the color yellow. I think it's great! My bedroom is so bright yellow people ask how I sleep at night. But...I hate yellow polish because I am impatient as all get out. And I put myself in this goofy catch 22 because I use thick coats that take too long to dry, so I can't fix streaks very well. But if I did thinner coats of polish, I'm sure everything would be just fine. So, I always want to thin my yellow stash out because I barely use them, but I really don’t hate the color yellow at all!!

Manicurity: Rainbow Favorites - Yellow - Orly Spark + Nostalgic Gluttony
sunlight lamp - looks greenish

Anyway, onto today's yellow nails. This is 3 coats of Orly Spark - this polish is really pretty and has the slightest shimmer to it. It is both bright and pastel, which I really like. It is one of my favorite yellows because it is a little complex with its baby shimmer. [If you want to see all of my yellows, check out this stash post with only yellow polishes!]

Manicurity: Rainbow Favorites - Yellow - Orly Spark + Nostalgic Gluttony

I layered one coat of Nostalgic Nail Lacquer's ‘Gluttony’ over Orly Spark. Gluttony is a really awesome rainbow glitter that I showed you here (also over yellow!). Something about this polish just says "put me over yellow, please!". Gluttony is an awesome rainbow glitter; I love the balance of the shapes and color, very sophisticated. The only downside is that the base seem to tint my yellow base color a little bit green; it showed up that way in some of my pictures.

Manicurity: Rainbow Favorites - Yellow - Orly Spark + Nostalgic Gluttony

Hooray for yellow day! Don't forget to check out the other ladies below.

See you tomorrow for green day!

June 25, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: Day 2 - Orange featuring OPI Call Me Gwenever

This is probably my most favorite orange-y color, but it also makes me sad because it's thin. OPI ‘Call Me Gwen-ever’ is weird and plush and beautiful. Have you noticed a lot of the recent OPI cremes being really thin and streaky? I don’t like doing more than two coats unless the polish is realllllly worth it, and I especially want my crèmes to be more like ‘one coat, two because I felt like it’ than ‘two thick coats, I am impatient as hell’. This one would have needed three thin coats, but I tend to do one thin coat to get the color down, then a thick second coat because I’m just that way. Regardless, this is a really pretty color and it changes a lot in different lighting (hello, second picture). 

I layered one coat of Candy Lacquer ‘Blue Rodeo’ on my ring and pinkie fingers as an accent. I really like how many different colors and sizes of glitter this indie brand stuffs in one bottle, but I have noticed slight reflective curling in almost all of the bottles I have from her – I just wanted to put that out there first. Now onto the fun: I like this polish a lot, since I love blue, and I’m very pleased with how it looks over Call Me Gwen-Ever! There are browns and greys mixed in with the blues; an awesome glitter topper. It is nice, but very gloopy when applying. I don't find this to be a problem because I don't think I would need to go back for a second coat because it's very packed with glitter.

Hope you enjoyed orange day! Don't forget to check out the other ladies below.

See you tomorrow with my yellow nails :D

June 24, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: Day 1 - Red featuring FingerPaints Primary Color

Bec at Lacquered Dreams proposed a simple and fun challenge for this coming week; a rainbow of our favorite polishes, one for each day starting with red! So this week I'll be sharing with you a Roy G. Bpp of colors - a mix of untrieds, indies, and favorites. A Roy G. Bpp you say? Yes - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink. Today is my favorite red - FingerPaints 'Primary Color' with accent fingers of Wet n Wild 'Everybody Loves Redmond'.

Manicurity: Rainbow Favorites - Day 1 = Red

I do love FingerPaints Primary Color! It is one of the first reds I bought when I started collecting polish approximately a year ago, and I clearly remember being like "ah, I do need a good red in my collection!". Primary Color is almost a crelly red because it seems very squishy on the nail, and not truly creamy like most crèmes - but it covered well in two easy coats. I would assume this is a blue based red, and maybe a little dark to be a “standard true red” for someone’s collection, but it remains one of my favorites.

Manicurity: Rainbow Favorites - Day 1 = Red

I really hate the brushes on this sub-brand of Wet n Wild polishes! They add streaks and really mess up the application for me because the brush is all scragly and the 'hairs' are really large and plastic-y. Ah well, it's a great buy for someone looking for a fun new squishy red for $2. This is a really orange-red color and similar to the other one in this post, more of a crelly type of finish? Very squishy and a smidgen of vnl at two coats. 

Manicurity: Rainbow Favorites - Day 1 = Red

To top it off, I layered one coat of Candy Lacquer ‘Dark Hearts’ over my red fingerbits. Lately I’ve been picking glitters that match their base color too well, so the pretty glitter just gets lost and looks lumpy - sad times. Unfortunately, this is one of those cases and the hearts were really hidden on the FingerPaints fingers. I was pleasantly surprised with the application on this polish tho; I didn't have to dig or fish for the hearts at all, and I got at least one heart on every finger. I use the 'dabble' method for application on glitters, and I did poke stray pieces down with an orange stick because I like things to be smooth.

Thanks for looking! I'm really excited about this challenge this week, and it has re-inspired me to get through my untrieds and my massive stash. Please check out the other ladies participating in this rainbow challenge!

**Just FYI: the blog 'Polish and Such' has a malware warning right now, but she said she's working on it**

June 22, 2012

Drugstore Display Cam

Here's a quick look at some new cosmetics displays that I spotted at different Walgreens stores this week. I went on a hunt for the new Maybelline BB Cream (which I did find, but feel eh about so far). I snapped some pictures during my shopping with an iPad. Perhaps this will help you with your shopping this weekend?! ;-)

I don't have a lot of details on the new Sinful Colors displays (in terms of what colors are included) - sorry! Boyfriend was getting rather sick of the driving and 'ooh, look at this one!'-ing

Manicurity: Drugstore Display Cam
This was massive! It took up the entire end-cap! Not my first time seeing these magnetic Sally Hansen polishes in a ddisplay, but it was super huge so I thought that was interesting. I haven't purchased and of the newer magnetic polishes like this brand because I'm pretty magnetic polishe-d out already.

Manicurity: Drugstore Display Cam
 My first sighting of the new Maybelline Color Show polishes; there were a lot of pretty ones, but I passed. I was on a mission for tinted face lotion!

Manicurity: Drugstore Display Cam
 I thought this display for the new L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows was just beautiful; love the shade of teal for the model's eyeshadow and the overall pictures on the back part of the display.

Manicurity: Drugstore Display Cam
 New products from Revlon - Colorstay Whipped Creme makeup, Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, and the new Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick duos.

Manicurity: Drugstore Display Cam
 Another huge display, this one with Maybelline products. This display featured BB Dream Cream (with little tester vials!!), new Color Sensational lipsticks, Expertwear (quads with cool new texture), as well as Eye Studio eyeshadow shades (baked duos and quads), and the Volum' Express Mega Plush mascara.

Manicurity: Drugstore Display Cam
 Sinful Colors 'Liberty Belle' is ready for patriotic nails!

Manicurity: Drugstore Display Cam
 The (fairly old but obviously not super popular) Revlon French Mix duos - most of these are fairly sheer from reviews I've read online, so I passed.

Manicurity: Drugstore Display Cam
 'Dare to Play' Sinful Colors display - is this supposed to be for Rock of Ages?! None of these colors look new to me, except maybe pinks? I'm not a big pink person, so those shades might be different and I wouldn't have a clue; same for the next display picture below.

Manicurity: Drugstore Display Cam
 'Suit Up' Sinful Colors display - all of these appear like re-promotes to me, so I didn't look very hard (sorry, y'all).

Manicurity: Drugstore Display Cam
Woo! A massive neon Sinful Colors display with art stripers, too. I know it's soo typical to do neons in summer, but I still love them! I didn't pick up any of these because I just got the China Glaze Summer Neons 8-piece in the mail :D

Hope you enjoyed this quick look! Most of the displays I saw lately have generally been 'the bigger, the better' type - getting larger, and more eye-catching. Some of them had little tester vials, which seems super fancy for standard drugstores! Interesting trends in the mid-range drugstore cosmetics lately; the prices are going up (or so it seems). The Maybelline BB Cream I bought was roughly $9 for 1oz of product!!

*Don't forget that the pictures should be bigger and clearer if you click on them; I have lightbox enabled, so you should be able to click on one and view them all in a neat wittle slideshow format.

June 18, 2012

Quick Look: Manicurity's Set Up

I'm feeling sort of blech about polish today; nothing is really calling my name. So instead I thought I'd show you a realllllly quick look at my 'set up'!

Here's a [hilariously bad] sketch I did to help myself sort out how I wanted to organize my Helmers; I have two of them so I have 12 drawers to hold polish + the tops of both Helmer (gotta use all teh space!)
Helmer organization sketch

I have two Helmers AND a Melmer, actually. The Melmer is for more temporary storage; I'm putting all of my 'to try' and 'to sort' polishes as well as my frankening supplies in it.

Here's a better picture of my Helmers and what's on top of them. 
Manicurity labeled Helmers

My Melmer sits to the right of these Helmers on the white desk that you can see in this photo. I have arranged my polishes by finish for now because I find that helps me the most when picking colors. For now the white desk next to these Helmers is covered in lots of extras - sample packets, nail art supplies, etc. so I don't use it to paint. I paint at my desk, which is also where I take photos once the sun has gone down (wayyy too messy to photograph for y'all right now, sorry).

This room is no where near as beautiful as some people's polish rooms (*cough*Nail-venturous*cough*), but I like my Helmers a lot. I benefit from living very, very close to an Ikea. I like how small the Helmers are while they hold a lot of polish. Some day I'd love to have my own 'beauty' room for polish and make-up, but that's not really something I see happening in the near future (who knows when I'll get a more grown up job and move!). Right now the polish is in my shared office/workspace area, but it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb (as long as I keep it inside the drawers).

Hope you enjoyed this little peek! I'll have nails for you to look at soon.

June 17, 2012

Lazy Sunday!

*Whew* This week was fun! I got to swatch and review two super pretty Once Upon a Polish creations, I showed you my underwear (my nail polish undies, that is), and I wrapped up the Hunger Games series. Here's a quick look at the manis I posted this week, in chronological order!

District 13 - OPI Number One Nemesis with Orly Glowstick

'Cinna' manicure - SpaRitual Running with Wolves and Barry M Gold

Once Upon a Polish - Flotsam and Jetsam - I LOVE this polish!

My 'undies' - Revlon Surf, FingerPaints To-Teally Chic, OPI Ski Teal We Drop, Zoya Cynthia

Once Upon a Polish - Cinderella macro

Once Upon a Polish Flotsam and Jetsam stamped

Cool things I did this week
  • I went to this amazing all-I-could-stuff-in-my-face buffet of Swedish food at Ikea Friday night; 'twas fabulous!!
  • Got some great nail mail (hello Girly Bits and Pahlish!)
  • Started watching the TV show 'The Killing' (via Netflix, so I'm just on the first season)
  • Finally took the plunge and bought some solvent resistant glitters for frankening (not just stuff at the craft store, woohoo!)
Pahlish left, Girly Bits right (and the Target Beauty Bag, back left)

Upcoming things on da blog
  • Water decal review from KKCenterhk this week!
  • swatching, stamping, Summer Challenge from PCFC
  • Probably some of my personal frankens (idk if I'll have time to swatch them, but I do have a lot of ideas I want to work on ASAP!)
boyfriend modeling :D (he really likes the first one, Pahlish Toxic and Timeless)
Other Things
  • Does everyone dream of making their own nail polish? I've frankened a little for personal use because it's super fun and I enjoy feeling like some sort of mad beauty scientist. Will I ever try to make my personal franken experiments into a real business via an e-tailer like Big Cartel or Etsy? Probably not, but it's possible that somewhere down the road I would want to. Mostly I don't really have the money or time (because if I had time, I wouldn't be at work and then I really wouldn't have any money) to make frankening/indie polish my financial focus, and I [try not] to do things half-way. But I'm not saying never, either.
  • Thank you for the feedback last week! I think I'm going to go through my polish one drawer at a time and show my stash that way while I "swatch through" my collection at the same time. I have all my polish organized by finish type in my Helmers

Have you seen the tour or I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous's polish room?! I wish I had a room like that! So pretty AND so organized!! Definitely inspiring me this coming week to *stay* organized (that's usually my downfall, the maintaing sanity after the extreme clean-up)

this photo is from I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous; it is not mine

Hope this coming week is excellent for you!
♥ Emma

PS. If you have any good recommendations for crime-y murder shows, let me know in the comments! I'm missing Criminal Minds and Dexter isn't starting until September (wat?!). I wish there was more summer television!

Flotsam and Jetsam Stamped!

This week's challenge in Adventures in Stamping is stamping 'with glitter in there somewhere'. I put one layer of Sonoma Nail Art's White Wedding over my Flotsam and Jetsam nails, then I stamped with Barry M silver foil and the triangular pattern on Cheeky plate 13! Whew! A lot of details!!

Manicurity: Once Upon a Polish Flotsam and Jetsam and Sonoma Nail Art White Wedding stamped with Barry M silver foil and Cheeky plate #13

Manicurity: Once Upon a Polish Flotsam and Jetsam and Sonoma Nail Art White Wedding stamped with Barry M silver foil and Cheeky plate #13

I really liked how there was a lot of texture in this one and the stamping was sort of subtle. Very intricate and fun to look at! I didn't put top coat over the white glitter, so you can see the cool shapes of the hex glitters in the stamped foil polish. As an added bonus, these pictures really show off the holo hex glitters from Flotsam and Jetsam. You're welcome! ;-D

Manicurity: Once Upon a Polish Flotsam and Jetsam and Sonoma Nail Art White Wedding stamped with Barry M silver foil and Cheeky plate #13

So, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this one. Too many polishes at once, or cool combo? I didn't really love or hate this, but I really do love the Barry M foils for stamping!!

June 15, 2012

Once Upon a Polish - Cinderella Swatch & Review

Hooray! I have another Once Upon a Polish to share with you today! Cinderella is a blue-green duochrome with small holographic glitters. Can you tell I like blue-green things yet?! For these photos I did two coats of just Cinderella for opacity. I plan to layer it over different colors soon for fun, but I wanted to see what it looked like alone first!

duochrome flash macro!
I had a little bit of trouble applying this one, but I think it's most due to my own impatience and the small brush on the mini bottle I was using. I usually paint my nails by dropping a bead of polish down, and then moving it towards the cuticle, then to the tip, blah blah (you know, this method) but I think because this polish starts to 'set' quickly my application created small flaws. This has sort of a foily finish with little holo glitters in it; it dries smooth, but it looks a little textured (think Mermaid's Dream exfoliated). This has approximately three different color shifts - blue, green, light greeny-gold. It's very pretty and glowy on the nail; one that I find myself tilting my fingers all around and 'oohing' over.

holo glitter macro!
Things I really like about this polish
  • don't have to layer it to make the duochrome shift obvious
  • opaque in 2 coats!
  • cool texture
  • little holographic glitters are very pretty and catch the light
  • unique to my collection; I don't have anything that starts this soft shade of blue and then shifts to green

Things I don't love about this polish
  • I have to be patient when applying this polish because it 'sets' quickly and you can't really fix it until that layer is dry (like with some matte polishes, you know what I'm talking about!)
  • Can be a little brushtroke-y (but again, probably more my personal application fault than the polish)

Things to think about
  • What duochrome polishes do you know that look awesome without having to layer them over black first?!

tl;dr summary
Cinderella is a really pretty, soft duochrome polish that is unique to my stash (and I have a lot of polish). It has an obvious duo shift without having to layer it over black AND it has really pretty, tiny holo glitters that catch the light. If you like duochromes and blue-green polishes, check this one out!

Once Upon a Polish is on Facebook and Etsy. She has some polishes in stock right now, too!

*Product(s) in this post were provided for my honest review.