February 26, 2013

Why CMYK? + Some Swatches

Right now I have some CMYK-themed polish in a large polish pack giveaway to celebrate 500 followers (canNOT believe I've made it to 650+ already!!). I wanted to show you swatches of most of the polishes in the giveaway because these are colors in my own stash that I use and love. I also wanted to briefly explain my love for CMYK, too!

First, 'Girls Night Out' from the LE Summer 2011 Jesse's Girl Julie G Collection stands in as my 'cyan'! This is two coats; it's sort of squishy and very translucent on the first coat, but the second coat makes it opaque easily. I don't think I've reviewed/swatched any of this brand before, but I love their bottles and brushes!! The flat, compat bottles fit so well in my Helmers and the brush is really nice and flat, too - but it's not terribly wide. The brush is like a baby OPI Pro-Wide and I really like the length of the handle. Yes, sort of random things to like or care about when purchasing polish, but definitely make the painting experience that much more fun!

M for Magenta in the giveaway prize is Sally Hansen Insta Dri Magenta Moves, but I don't have my own bottle of this to swatch. Surprisingly, I do not have a dupe for this hot pink in my stash!! China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic is more blue-toned, and OPI Kiss Me on my Tulips is lighter and brighter (it has a lot more white mixed in). I did use China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic as my stand in, tho, because it's most similar in color vibrancy (altho not in finish, it's more a crelly than a creme, but whatever). You can see the China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic above in my skittle photo!

Color Club Almost Famous is my 'Y' and one of my favorite yellow polishes; it reminds me of a 'sunshine' yellow crayon. I really like the square bottle and I find this to be fairly easy to apply compared to other yellow polishes. The swatch below is 2 coats, one thin and then a second thicker one. Average polishers would probably do 3 thin coats :p

Finally, Zoya Raven stands for the 'K' in CMYK by being black! Raven has fine silver shimmer running through it; I don't find it to be obvious shimmer at all, but it does catch and reflect light nicely. And the formula for this polish is really lovely! I only needed one coat for this swatch.

The Hard Candy matte topcoat, Matte-ly in Love, is also included in the prize pack! I think it gives more of a satin-y, rubberized look as opposed to a super flat matte look. Here's one coat of Matte-ly in Love over 2 coats of 'Girls Night Out'. You'll see me use this matte topcoat more this week, so keep your eyes peeled! PS. The photo below was snapped with flash.

Now, why CMYK?! A lot of my giveaway prizes and my blog graphics are all 'CMYK' themed in colors, so I thought I'd talk a little about what that means and why I lurve it. I majored in industrial design in college, which is just a confusing way to say product design ('industrial' taken from the idea that consumer products were 'industrialized' for large quantity runs, i.e. mass produced amounts of the same thing). CMYK is a method of color printing using four colors - cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). These CMYK colors mixed make the secondary colors red, blue, and green (pretty much opposite of the RGB method and traditional painting techniques/color theory).

I personally really like to use pure CMYK in my print graphic designs for projects because then I know that the colors will print exactly as I expect, instead of color-picking a really interesting brown tone on screen that might print sort of poopy-orange (happens too often because our computer screens are RGB). Plus I really really like the color cyan and it's varying real-life counterparts (lighter shades of bluey-green all the way to periwinkles). Using CMYK in my blog graphics relates my design background to my love of nail art and beauty products (i.e. eyeshadow, give me all of them plz). I think it's also a bright, fun punch of colors balanced with a lot of white space, allowing my graphics to be subdued and let all my nail art and shtuff take all the attention.

So, the rest of the week I have some fun nail art using these colors, as well as swatches of the glitters planned for Friday. I am especially excited to show you the nail art that I did with dotting tools, which is also included in the prize package! The giveaway ends and you can check out this post for all the details + the Rafflecopter widget.


  1. Thank you for this post ! I long to see your nailart with the dotting tools ! It makes me hope I'll win this splendid giveaway... Cool to undersand about your colors too.

    1. Thanks so much!! Did you see the dotty nail art posted on Thursday? Good luck with the giveaway :D


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