November 17, 2013

My Favorite Things: October

OH, hey, it's half-way through November! But I still wanted to share my October faves with you anyway. Did anyone else feel like October was gone in a blink of an eye?! Clearly I did! I just moved to Miami, Florida with my man friend (boyfriend, hopeful life partner, guinea pig co-parent, etc.) from Atlanta so it's been sort of a whirlwind of "What if we put the couch on THAT wall instead?!" and "Omg, isn't this rug cute?" and "Why do we still have boxes that are unpacked?! We need more closets!" [those are all my statements btw, he's more like "Why...?"]. Leaving the Metro Atlanta Beauty Blogger group was really sad for me, but luckily The Digit-al Dozen has really been stepping up our internet presence and we've all grown a lot closer as internet Facebook friends. Yay!

1.] Favorite new (tried) polish: Definitely Cult Nails Grunge! I haven't used it in a full manicure yet, but you can see it used a little in my Busy Spider-y Halloween mani. It's a shade I didn't know I had to have until I got it :)

2.] Favorite new (tried) indie: Probably the Pahlish Fall duo (see my swatches here) - The Dust Witch is such a brilliant fall-but-not-typical-fall glitter topper!

(clockwise from top left: Grunge, Wax That, Fetish, Be Loco, Party TimeWack Slacks)
3.] Favorite new (UNtried) polishes: I went HAM on some Lacquistry Halloween polishes. Yay! AND A TON OF CULT NAILS. Actually I have a surprising number of untrieds right now >.<

4.] Favorite new polish collection: Does the Cult Nails Midnight Masquerade count? I ask because it's already sold out so I feel a little bad being like LOOK AT THIS MAJESTIC TINY COLLECTION, but I'm clearly enthusiastic about it (and it should have been delivered today, yay!). I want to take this opportunity to say - hey polish people, let's keep doing these slightly smaller collections!! I love that it was three polishes and not 6 or 15 or 20 => totally justifiable and affordable purchase. Also hella pretty!

Favy new technique/tip: Probably the dry brush aged look that I had somehow missed? Like I dunno what I was doing when this glorious thing happened at Chalkboard Nails back in September, but I've been seeing it around recently ('twas a popular 'glam Halloween' thing) and I like it very much. 

My favorite October post is almost all of them? I really enjoyed skittle week - like the denim nail art, and the two Halloween nail arts (dots and spiders) but in the end my favorite is probably the all Cult Nails skittle set pictured above. I just really liked the weird mix of colors and finishes :)

YOUR favey October post ('fave' as determined by page views) is my colorful dotty garland/stripey situation. While I liked this, have you SEEN the one that my friend Elizabeth did?! HER COLORS ARE SO DIVINE. I love her's 19393x more than mine!

October Beauty: I'm still on the 'grungy smoked out bronze/gold eye with red lip' situation. I've also done some very scientific research* and have realized that I am a HUGE fan of the Milani eyebrow powder kit. It doesn't wear off or smudge or look (as) weird at the end of the day as my previous eyebrow method - using the Wet n Wild ColorIcon pencil in Taupe.
*Scientific research = wearing one thing one day, and then the other the next day and saying "This one is better"

For my October Entertainment I've been watching pretty much every show the CW makes. I just can't help it! I love them so much! I'll be a tween girl at heart for the rest of my life >.< Like seriously, I am OBSESSED WITH REIGN. Is anyone else watching it? Can we gossip about it please?! 

Favorite blogging moment/milestone: A lot of really exciting brands that I love and adore have reached out to me at the end of October about working together AND I finally got into the BlogHer Publishing Network!!! So I feel like all my hard work typing and practicing taking photos of my hands have been paying off recently. It's goofy, but I love love love blogging and I am so happy that I still feel so enthusiastic (this time of year I usually hit a slump, but maybe the move to super sunny Florida has kept me out of it, since I'm still wearing shorts and tank tops every day :p) Also The Digit-al Dozen is stronger than ever - have you seen our cool website?!

My October goals were to post 3 consecutive days each week by a certain time each day AND to focus on Twitter. How did I do? I feel like I'm getting a much better hang of the whole Twitter thing! HootSuite is SUPER HELPFUL. Did I post 3 times a week? Yes, but not really at the right times. That's definitely something I want to be much more consistent about, but that's like a ~totally personal~ thing. No blog police will show and be like "Hello, this is not at the right time!"

November Goals
  1. Post at relatively the same time for the rest of November (ha ha ha)
  2. Be more awesome at Instagram! I don't post there consistently enough, but I should
  3. Comment a little more frequently on other people's cool blog posts 

I also changed the blog layout in October, which is always exciting for me personally, but I change it so often I don't really bother making too much of a big deal about it. My Mom always has strong opinions about it tho, which I enjoy chatting with her about :)

Now I'm curious, what were your favorite things about October?! Are you still all about pumpkin things, or have you moved onto the pepperminty things?  

PS. Not sure why all of the words are in different fonts in this post?! It's driving me insane but is also too challenging for me to fix right now (not because it's hard, because it's time confusing and whyyyy)

I always enjoy reading 'favorite things' or 'wrap up' posts because it's so fun to see what other people like & get to know them a little bit better. If you'd like to see all of the 'My Favorite Things' posts, click here!


  1. you're amazing, love your writing and envy your hands.....

    1. Bawww Elizabeth you are too nice!! I am getting worried that my hands are getting super tan because of all this new Florida sunshine :P

  2. Thanks for the shout! I'm actually gonna try to do a video tutorial for the distressed look today, so keep an eye out! :) Love that Cult Nails skittle set!!

  3. I love these posts, I think they're so fun to read for some reason haha. I can't wait to see everything you do with the brands that approached you! I'm excited! Also, I've never really been a fan of all the pumpkin flavored things, I'm more of a Salted Caramel Mocha person (Starbucks is so good!)

  4. I always get such a contact high from other people reaching their blogging goals. Good job lady! Can't wait to see what comes of all these new collaborations!

  5. Woo Woo! Im glad to say I knew you when....

  6. Right now, I'm all about the white chocolate raspberry creamer and I'm holding onto apple cider for dear life.
    Also, CW shows. Yes. I'm only into two but I love them (arrow and supernatural). CW casts are easily the prettiest in all of TV.
    I can't wait to see all the exciting things coming on your blog!!


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