November 7, 2013

#TBT - Turquoise Birthstone Nail Art

I feel like I've finally been blogging long enough that I can start doing some 'throwback' style then-and-now comparisons to older *ahem* attempts at nail art ideas. My first big 'break' in blogging so to speak was with my turquoise birthstone nails two years ago (for The Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge nail art group, which has since been renamed the Crumpet's Nail Tarts). Since then the 'water spot' technique is a very cool way to achieve a turquoise look. Today I've done some skittles - some done with the original splatter/blob technique, one using crackle like the original mani (yep, I still have some crackles in my stash!), and one nail using the waterspot technique.

Ironically, I am late(r than I had hoped) posting this like I was with the last one AND it turns out those blobby nails just don't really like to be in focus regardless of how many years you have spent practicing your fanciful hand poses!! Being nostalgic, I used the same polishes as I did the first time - Color Club Snakeskin as the base color, Color Club New Bohemian (turquoise), China Glaze Crushed Candy crackle on ring finger, and a little black and gold foil for my waterspot nail. I used rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle for the waterspot part, but maybe it wasn't the most ideal alcohol-based product for the spritzing? I didn't find it to break up the polish the way I wanted, but that could also be my unfiltered water. Rubbing alcohol was much better than that time I used perfume and my hand smelled crazy strong like perfume for days, because duh Emma, you put your hand into water drenched in sprays of perfume!

Overall I am pretty surprised at my technique/aesthetic hasn't really changed - those blobby nails look pretty much exactly the same as they did before!!! But I am much, much happier with my overall photo quality now (hand poses, lighting, etc.). A lot of things have changed since that post; my nail shape and length have changed back and forth, my photography set up is different and I have a better lens and lamp now, and my blog layout graphics have changed more times than I have fingers! But it's pretty funny that my nails are the same general length and shape while re-creating this manicure; I like this length right between short/active a lot. I have also been able to forge a ton of blog friendships, do some amazing nail art challenges, and work with a lot of amazing brands since I started blogging, all of which I am very, very proud of. Yay blogging! Yay nail art!

Now check out the other rockin' (ha ha) nail art from this week. Don't forget to stop back tomorrow for one last rock-inspired nail art; I've been having so much fun this week!


  1. Gorgeous! I like your middle finger the most :)

  2. Wow I am so impressed at how much this looks like Turqouise! Amazing!

  3. Loving the then and now comparison!

  4. this is one of my all time fave manis of yours anyway - so glad to see you revisit it

  5. I love how the different techniques look so organic. Like, no two turquoise stones look the same, and your nails don't either!


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