June 29, 2013

Bid Adieu to Google Reader, but let's keep in touch!


Yes, it's true that Google Reader is shutting its doors and all of your RSS feeds are now being put out in the cold - or, humid hot weather here in Atlanta, so maybe out of the AC and into the sweltering heat? Anyhoo, there are lots of ways to keep up with Manicurity and "follow" for updates without Google Reader! Let me list the ways!

 BlogLovin' has been recommended as a great alternative to Google Reader. I find it easy to use! Yay!

 Have you liked Manicurity on Facebook yet?! I've been working hard this week [and going forward] to add interesting content that's ~different~ to the FB page, instead of just rehashing the same exact things (i.e. Creating additional content that supplements blog posts but looks really nice on Facebook because they have specific photo sizes for wall posts). There's even a handy 'Blog Feed' tab at the top, so you could read all the posts from there if you wish!

 Google+! I don't really know a ton about Google+ yet and I'm sorry. But it's something I'll be learning more about this weekend, and you can follow me there for updates and we can hang out in circles or whatever :D

 I love Instagram, it's like 90% of the reason why I wanted an iPhone so much! Let's be pals there!! I upload photos of the most stellar blog posts and swatches, plus snap photos of some other things like: my face, sneak peeks at upcoming nail art, 'behind the blog' stuff, beauty products, nail mail, etc. BUT I curate this feed to be blog-centric; you won't see photos of unrelated things very often because I have a personal IG for that.

 Are you on Pinterest? I applaud your self restraint and am jealous of your many hours of free time if you aren't on there! But if you are, peep my boards - specifically my Manicurity board is updates from here! Also related: Nail Polish Swatches and Frankens (a mix of swatches from me and other people) and The Digit-al Dozen (the group board for all of the lovely Digit-al Dozen ladies). For generally beautiful inspiration I've got: Manicure Ideas (from other people), Face Paint (cosmetics), Patterns (future nail art inspiration), and follicles (hair-spiration, mostly curly-wavy because that's how my hair is).

 Take my RSS feed and subscribe to it with a service you like; if it's something new and different that you think everyone should be using, let me know if I can add it as an option on here! I think Feedly  and/or Feedburner are other popular options for blog reading? Let me know!

 Tweet tweet tweet! I'm on Twitter! Are you? Blog updates are routed to Twitter, so it's definitely an easy way for you to keep up with blog posts. Also sometimes I talk about TV I like, but who knows if people care about that? I did have a really lovely chat about the leading lady roles on DEXTER with a stranger once, tho...

 Want less words and mostly just photos? Follow me on Tumblr! The tumblr dashboard is sort of pretty much exactly like Instagram; you "follow" different blogs you like and then the posts show up as one big linear stream in your dash, but tumblr also has video, music, chat, text, etc. posts, too!

 Want to email me every single day and ask how I'm doing? JUST KIDDING. But my email is always available to you if you have a specific question, suggestion, or concern AND/OR if you'd like to use my photos and ask permission first => manicurity [at] gmail [dot] com

ALSO if you have a Blogger account, or would like to use Blogger as a make-shift Google Reader, following via Google Friend Connect [GFC] is still 100% a totally cool option. That's how I read all of the nail blogs I follow; in the Blogger dashboard!

"Okay, okay, Emma, there are SO MANY WAYS to follow you, we get it!" is what you're saying right now. But what if you can't find this post again and want to see all the places I am on the internet? No worries! Let me take this extra second to show you the places on this blog you can click to see more  Manicurity elsewhere on the web.

#1] The header! Right at the top! You can totally click on those!!

#2] The new sidebar rollover image I made that doesn't really look like you can click it for some reason, but you totally can! There's also a spot to subscribe via email now!!

#3] This handy section of the footer where I use words in case the various different renditions of tiny icons are confusing (seriously, why can't BlogLovin' have a better symbol than a + ??!)

June 28, 2013

Elevation Polish Jengish Chokusu

For this week's week's TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday! I have another beautiful polish from the "vault" to share with you - Jengish Chokusu from Elevation Polish. It's described as a "sea glass creme" and it's a total must have for anyone that loves turquoise-y polishes! Take a peek!

Manicurity | Elevation Polish Jengish Chokusu (and Pure Ice Kiss Me Here on ring)

Manicurity | Elevation Polish Jengish Chokusu (and Pure Ice Kiss Me Here on ring)
Ott lamp

Manicurity | Elevation Polish Jengish Chokusu (and Pure Ice Kiss Me Here on ring)
Ott lamp - ooh, nice reflectionsss

I used butterLondon Nail Foundation for this, and it's my favorite cheat because it definitely shaves off one layer from polishing (like with this one that would take me more like 3-4 layers, I only had to do 2). It's crazy pretty and the formula is really easy to work with. It's a little streaky on the first coat, but it builds incredibly well and without dragging between coats. The grey accent nail is Pure Ice Kiss Me Here (great grey!).

Now I'm curious, do you have Jengish Chokusu? Love it, hate it, meh it? I'm a fan!

Elevation Polish is available at her webstore here (prices vary, but start at $8.5)

Don't forget to check out Kirsten's TGIF post over at Geeky Owl!

- - - * - - -

Hope your upcoming weekend is happy!! Can't believe we're heading into JULY already!

June 27, 2013

Summery Mix & Match

with FLASH!

Ah, summer! Hot weather makes me yearn for gradients in cooling, tropical colors - like popsicles! I recycled my neon glitter tribal pointer and pinkie nails from The Stringy Neon Cheetah (maybe mostly because small glitter =/= wanting to take it off quickly). Then I threw on some refreshing gradients on my middle two nails in the soooothing, cooool colors of Illamasqua Cameo (birthday present from Boyfriend, applause applause), Sally Hansen Mint Sprint, and some Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet just on the tips to make it really nice and faded. I love me a well mixed gradient!

Ott Lamp

In other news, I can't believe it's nearly the end of the month again?!?! And I regret not doing the Tri-Polish Challenge this month because instead I gave you a stringy cheetah - blech. Anyhoo, I'm working hard behind the scenes on some fun new things :) Check back here tomorrow for another refreshing and cool-toned polish for TGIF!

June 25, 2013

Nail Fail: The Stringy Neon Cheetah

Did I turn you off with the title alone? Was that the point?! Anyhoo, since you guys enjoyed my last sort of gross nail fail (probably because of my many mentions of tacos, because let's be really real, that's why we're all here). I thought this would be a really cute idea - neon and nude cheetah, sounds good, right? And it maybe would have been if my black polish wasn't so goopy because dang, look at all 'dem strings! This is NOT meant to be a cheetah + sugar spun mani >.< Anyhoo, check it out!

I used butterLondon on all nails, then 2 coats of Revlon TradeWinds (a pretty great mannequin hands polish for me), then Ninja Polish's NVL's Humblebee on pointer and pinkie. For the cheetah dots I used white first, and then China Glaze Sun-Kissed, then the goopy black. I did the random freehand triangles with hatch marks and white highlights on my pinkie and pointer freehand. Then all ze nails got freehand french tips. I did like the pointer and pinkie nails so I kept them for a different mani, which you will see sometime soon this week :D

It seems my nail fails are kind of a hit sometimes, and if nothing else it goes to show that I'm still a real, normal person that can do some kind of (really totally horrible) crappy nail art occasionally.

June 24, 2013

Jamberry Jamboree: Update

Hey hey! Just wanted to quickly update you on my Jamberry Jamboree mini-series in which I have been reviewing the Jamberry Nail Shields (wrap strips etc.). I'm currently doing a wear test with some shields on my right hand so I can see how well they wear and if they will last the suggested 10ish days that they're meant to. Then in my last post (tentatively next week) I'll be doing a big ole wrap up review post to contrast with my initial review post.

If you'd like to check out the other ones in this series please check out:

Thanks so much!! And I'm so looking forward to doing a big, balanced conclusion review post about these strips.

June 21, 2013

Lush Lacquer Clowning Around

Here's a totally awesome mani from the "vault" back from around March - no idea why I didn't post this sooner, but it's here now and ZOMG it's so pretty! And perfect! This neon glitter topper is sooo perfect I want a back up. It's also "Boyfriend approved", which I especially like. Check out this week's TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday! 'Clowning Around' from Lush Lacquer!

with flash - so neon!

This is one dabbled coat of Clowning Around over Essence Nude It! on ring and Wet n Wild's Private Viewing on pointer. My middle and pinkie are sporting 3 coats of Zoya Godiva, from the first set of Pixie Dust polishes. The juxtaposition of glitter texture and nude polishes with neons is so striking to me! And perfect for short nails :)

Now I'm curious, do you have Clowning Around? Love it, hate it, meh it? I need a back up!

Lush Lacquer polishes are available at their Etsy store ($9)

AND there will be lots of NEW neon shades available today! So if you're craving more neons, check out the new shades on their FB page and stop by their Etsy store when they debut between 5-6pm PST

Don't forget to check out Kirsten's TGIF post over at Geeky Owl!

- - - * - - -

Hope you have a happy weekend! I'm sort of behind this week; I got all turned around last weekend and sort of missed the entire beginning of this week. Whoops! But, look, glitter!

June 20, 2013

Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! Collection Swatches & Review: Apple Kid, I Miss You, and Tessie

If you caught the press release for the new Summer of 199X Collection from Rainbow Honey (peep it here, also located under the 'Press & News' section in my sidebar) then maybe you're equally as excited as I am about this TOTALLY FREAKING GORGEOUS 10 polish collection!! Summer of 199X is inspired by the 1995 SNES hit, Earthbound and is divided into two parts - Part I has 5 shimmery glitterbombs, and Part II has 3 shimmer-flecked cremes and 2 glitter toppers. Today I have 3 mini bottle samples from Part II to share with you - Apple Kid, I Miss You (glitter), and Tessie. Take a look!
*Products in this post were provided for my honest review and for swatching purposes!

I swatched everything with OPI Natural Base Coat and HK Girl fast dry top coat if you're curious! As per usual, they're arranged in alphabetical order for easy sorting, too. All photos were taken in indirect Ott Lite ("natural"), except where stated as being something different in the captions! 

Apple Kid is a hot pink creme with pink -> purple shifting shimmer shards. It has a great formula, and nice and opaque in two coats. The shimmer in this was obvious in real life when I tilted my fingers around - I guess a "flash" of shimmer? But overall it was pretty creme-y looking from a distance. The extra shimmer and great formula does make this just thatmuch more fun than a normal creme.
Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - Apple Kid

Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - Apple Kid
taken with flash

Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - Apple Kid

Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - Apple Kid

Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - Apple Kid + I Miss You
2 coats of Apple Kid + 1 coat of I Miss You

Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - Apple Kid + I Miss You
2 coats of Apple Kid + 1 coat of I Miss You

I Miss You is a glitter topper with lots of different pastel shades, mostly just squares, and some blue and pink butterflies all swimming in a sea of shimmer. I thought I had gotten a little sick of pastel glitters like this, but oh no. No no no. This is so pretty!! What I love about Rainbow Honey polishes is that they always have just a little something extra - this one has totally effing gorgeous shimmer in the base, which makes the overall effect just that much prettier. Here I'm showing you 1 coat of I Miss You over three coats of Revlon Royal (I've also layered it over the other two polishes I received, which you can see above and below in their polish sections).
Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - I Miss You (over Revlon Royal)
real indirect sunlight

Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - I Miss You (over Revlon Royal)

Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - I Miss You (over Revlon Royal)

Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - I Miss You

Tessie is a blue-toned lilac, almost periwinkle in some lights, with blue -> purple shifting shimmery shards. Great formula, and nice and opaque in two coats. Pretty much the same exact notes for this one that I have for Apple Kid - the shimmer was there, but more obvious when I twirl my fingers around. Really pretty, tho, and I don't have anything quite this shade of purpley-periwinkley in my stash!
Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - Tessie

Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - Tessie

Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - Tessie

Manicurity | Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X! - Tessie + I Miss You

Pricing & Availability
The Summer of 199X Collection is being released TOMORROW [6/21/2013] at 10pm EST

($10 for 15ml full-sized // $5 for 7ml minis)

For more Rainbow Honey, check out their FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram

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Check out some bonus comparison and matte photos + my final thoughts after the jump!!