September 30, 2013

#ManiMonday: Modern Painterly Tiger Stripes using Sally Hansen Blues

Hey hey hey! Today I've got these somewhat "different" striped nails to share with you. If they look a tiny bit familiar, that's because they were the base of my Opening Ceremony NYFW'14 nail art! I found these to be really striking and interesting in person - they look like athletic, modern tiger stripes, so I thought I should blog them [even though they are a lot more minimalistic than most of the other things I do]. Read on for some details about how I did them!

First I started with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Thinking of Blue; it's a really nice mid-tone navy that's a touch dusty and blurple. I like it because it's not super dark and I prefer the creamy creamy look of cremes. Then I fast dry top coat'd it!

Then I grabbed a small angled brush, and simply plodded some stripes on with Blue Me Away! I think the best stripes were ones in which I used the angled shape of the brush as a stamp vs. trying to paint a line. I didn't try to repeat the pattern, I wanted it to be a little more random, but humans don't really do random well so this is what I ended up with :p Pssst. I don't buy 'nail art brushes' - instead I grab large packs of cheap-o craft paint brushes at Micahel's for less than $5 and find different uses for all of them!

Why are these 'painterly'? I top coated my base color, and then didn't top coat after I put on the stripes. I sometimes like the more textured look of non-glossed nail polish; it looks messy in super close photos, but in person I think it's pretty charming!

Would you rock something like this? I thought they were really fun in person and soo easy to do if you wanted to just dress up something else you already had on your nails!

September 25, 2013

Pink & Grey Make a Great Pair in this Striped Tape Mani!

Nothing to Disclose

Today's post is written by my birthday-club-turned-super-cool-blogging-friend Bee of Bee Polished! I really admire Bee because she does such classic and sophisticated nail art (almost the opposite of all of the things I throw on my nails!). Beyond her nail art talents, she's also a trained and super fab nail technician! I use her Rehab Your Nail posts as a reference ALL the time - super easy to follow and very helpful. Check out this fun tape mani!

- - - * - - -

I'm so excited to be doing a guest post for one of my favorite bloggers today! Some of you may know my blog Bee Polished! Emma and I have somewhat different styles and I LOVE the way she uses new techniques and crazy color combos which always work and look super cool! I'm more of a basic type nail art gal but I'm branching out. Today I tried out a tape mani which is something I really struggle with! They're supposed to make things easier but for some reason they just make my life miserable. There's the waiting for the base to dry. The messing with tiny tape strips. The placement. The polishing. The removing. The waiting for it to dry a bit to topcoat. GRRR....can't I just neatly draw on the lines?  That said there are a lot of cool things you can do with tape that you can't achieve without it so it's a skill I'm working to better! This mani was based on a pair of shoes I saw on Instagram! I hope you like them as much as I do!
Bee x

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Yayyy! Thanks Bee! Also, what, one of your favorite bloggers? Me?! D'aww I am blushing so hard! I ADORE these colors together - definitely not something I would have thought of on my own :) I've had a hankering for coral-y shades lately, regardless of the fall-ish weather!

If you enjoyed this post make sure to stop by Bee's blog, Bee Polished, or say hello on Facebook.

September 24, 2013

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic EOTD Series: Rarity

Hellooooo beauties! Today I have two fun eye looks to share with you, but the catch is that these are from wayyyyy back in January! I had these grand plans of doing a bunch of makeup challenges along with all the nail challenges, but simply don't have the ability to photograph my own face very well [I know a lot of people manage to use their iPhones, but wattttt? I'm still lemming the Canon T3i something fierce, and then I'll be able to take photos of my own face ALL OF THE TIME]. Anyhoo, the rest of this piece is left as it was written almost a year ago. Enjoy!

I've been wanting to do some sort of themed makeup series to improve my techniques, stretch my creativity, and use all of the eyeshadows I've stockpiled. I couldn't think of a good inspiration that hasn't been done too much already on makeup blogs.... But! Finally! I settled on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as the perfect inspiration. For the first in the series, I did two different eye looks inspired by the pony Rarity!

The first look is a sort of simple blue shadow + dramatic cat-eye liquid liner mix. Rarity actually has light blue colored eyelids in the cartoon, and sort of cat-like eyes so it was pretty easy to mimic 'realistically'! I patted the light blue shade, Lime Crime Parasol, on just my lid and very lightly blended it out. Then I used a fluffy brush and blended a little bit with the gold/blue veined shadow from the Wet n Wild Baking a Cake palette. I intentionally wanted this one to look a little more harsh and 'one color'.

Look #1 Products Used
- Urban Decay Primer Potion original primer (HG for now)
- Lime Crime Parasol on lid (from the China Doll palette)
- gold/blue veined shadow from Wet n Wild baked 'Baking a Cake' palette
- Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner (which I kinda hate, tbh)
- Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Light (under-eye concealer)
- Maybelline Eye Studio MasterShape Brow Pencil in Blonde
- Maybelline Dream LumiTouch Highlighting Concelear in Radiant (under eyebrow) 
- CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion (the purple tube) in 'Very Black'
- Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lash mascara in black

The second look is a lot more dramatic and interesting! I used almost all of the purpley shadows I own, though, so it's hard to recap efficiently - but I did my best in the 'products used' list below. The interesting thing about Rarity is that her hair has both red-toned purple and blue-toned purple depending on where her hair is curled. I wanted to reflect the two tones of purple and the light blue repeated in her eyelid and cutie mark in my eye look, so I blended them all together. And of course some liquid eyeliner because I both a) love it and b) needed it to be my most Rarity-esque!

Look #2 Products Used
- Urban Decay Primer Potion original primer (HG for now)
- Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
- Lime Crime Parasol in center of lid (from the China Doll palette)
- Sugarpill 2am in inner corner
- Sugarpill Poison Plum in outer corner
- Urban Decay Flash outer crease
- blue and pink shadows from Wet n Wild 'Baking a Cake' palette in corners
- Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner (which I kinda hate, tbh)
- Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Light (under-eye concealer)
- Maybelline Eye Studio MasterShape Brow Pencil in Blonde
- Maybelline Dream LumiTouch Highlighting Concelear in Radiant (under eyebrow) 
- CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion (the purple tube) in 'Very Black'
- Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lash mascara in black

Here's a fun Pin-able collage!

PS. Makeup your Jangsara has a great series of pony-inspired eyes, too! If you know of any other beauty bloggers with MLP:FiM makeup, please let me know!

Which look is your favorite? Would you sport either of these eye looks?!

September 23, 2013

Cutest Guinea Pig Nail Art EVAR! + DIY Polish Decal Pictoral

Nothing to Disclose

Hello my beauties! I am SO SO SO excited to share this post with you today because it is absolutely adorable, super informative, and because it comes from my very talented and wonderful BBFF Kirsten (best blogger friend forever) of Geeky Owl. Our blogs have basically grown up together and I am so glad we met way back when doing the 31DC almost two years ago. Look at these ROCKIN' photos now! And don't miss her tip about how to get your DIY nail polish decal to stick really well.

- - - * - - -

A guest post! I'm so honored that Emma would ask me to do a guest post on her most amazing blog! I've known Emma since the beginning of my blog, we both did the 31 Day Challenge together back in January of 2012! Can you believe it! Looking over those posts (at least my own), we've come a long way baby! :) We are now both part of The Digit-al Dozen, and we have done other challenges together to (our LOSTathon challenge), and we both do TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday where we feature an Indie polish!

Manicurity | Cutest Guinea Pig Nail Art EVAR! + DIY Polish Decal Pictoral from Geeky Owl

So I decided to pay homage to Emma's little furry children; her guinea pigs! I hope she loves it!

Manicurity | DIY Polish Decal Pictoral from Geeky Owl

I started out by finding a picture online (check it out, guinea pig stickers!) that kind of has the coloring of one of her piggies, I believe it is Sabi. I then applied a coat of clear polish onto a page protector and let it dry. Once dry I used the print out of the picture as my guide and traced using black acrylic paint. Had to do many in case I messed up!

Manicurity | DIY Polish Decal Pictoral from Geeky Owl

Using brown, black, and white acrylic paint I filled in the little piggies! And let dry!

Manicurity | Cutest Guinea Pig Nail Art EVAR! + DIY Polish Decal Pictoral from Geeky Owl

Here's a close up of the nail decal of Sabi! I learned a trick, use the same clear coat on your nail as you did on the decal and they will stick better! Helped me out!

Manicurity | Cutest Guinea Pig Nail Art EVAR! + DIY Polish Decal Pictoral from Geeky Owl

You can't really see it but I also did a gradient on my middle finger to match the coloring of Sabi. I used Finger Paints Black Expressionism (two coats) on my index, pinky, and part of my middle finger. I used Finger Paints Sketchy Character and then painted OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know over that to lighten it up. I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls on the accent nail. All topped with HK Girl Top Coat.

I hope you enjoyed it as my as I did! Thank you Emma, for allowing me to do a guest post!


Thank you Kirsten!!! Oh man, SO stinkin' cute, right?! I can't even explain how happy this makes me. And isn't that macro amazing?! I begged Kirsten for her photography tips after I saw this post. I also tried to show the guinea pigs and they didn't care, but such is the life of a piggie lover :p 

If you enjoyed this post make sure you check out Kirsten's blog, Geeky Owl, and give her a hello on Facebook !

September 18, 2013

Feeling the heat? Cool down with Perlier Italian Sorbet Limone Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water!

Press Sample

Perlier Italian Sorbet Limone Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water is like the perfect dessert, except you rub it all over your body! And about that 'crackling' part in the title of the product...? Yes, it definitely crackles, pops, and fizzes fairly loudly while you slather it on! Sounds weird? It is - but it's so fun to use!

Manicurity | Perlier Italian Sorbet Limone Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water

While fall weather is trying to creep in and you might think about putting your can of Perlier away, it's great for a post work-out cool down all year 'round or in extreme feats of beautifying - like styling your hair with hot tools or sitting under a thousand hot lights while putting on your face.

Manicurity | Perlier Italian Sorbet Limone Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water 
Manicurity | Perlier Italian Sorbet Limone Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water

I prefer to keep my can in the fridge to really make the 'freezing' effect even more refreshing and long-lasting! Typically I apply this on my arms, especially my wrists, and sometimes my neck. I've also applied it to my legs, but it doesn't provide moisture the way lotion does so I don't like to waste the product on larger body parts.

Read more for all of the specific details like where to find it, how adorable the packaging is, and a coupon code!

September 17, 2013

A Dazzling Dotticure with Milani's One Coat Glitter Silver Dazzle

This is an abandoned 'bling' mani (I went with the hand-placed glitter that the nail world went gaga over instead for the actual day (and for good reason, it is truly amazeballs)) from the Digit-al Dozen's Spectacular Sepetember mega-crazy 12 days of nail art that I thought deserved a chance to say hello!

The base is two coats of Milani's One Coat Glitter polish in Silver Dazzle. As I was painting away with this I remembered how these polishes were such a big deal because they needed a lot of top coat, but that was before the 'texture trend' was even considered as a thing! But this polish rivals the original release of the Zoya Pixies both in opacity and dry time.

To art it up I did some dots with a silver foil, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City - a great standard silver foil. Then I placed a single clear rhinestone at the base of each nail over the central polka dot, but it was rather challenging to spot both in person and in photos. I didn't top coat these because I liked the texture ;) It reminds me a little of wrapping paper!

Psst. If you can't get your fill of textured polishes (I know I for one have been stock piling all of the Zoya Pixie Dust polishes because sparkles), you can grab some at the drugstore for $5 a pop! That's about half the price of the Zoya and OPI ones! You have 8 shades to chose from with the Milani one coat glitters, so there's something for everyone (although I think the three newer additions Twinkle, Lavender Fizz, and Pink Flare are less full coverage).

Are you a fan of the texture polish trend? Is there a brand you prefer to get your texture on??

September 16, 2013

Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream GIVEAWAY! *OVER*

Prize provided by Ageless Derma

Hello hello and happy Monday! Guess what I've got for you? A giveaway! Hooray! I'm so pleased to announce that one of my lucky USA-resident readers can win their own jar of Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream from the makers of the product, Ageless Derma. I really enjoyed using this face cream down to the last dollop; it's a fast-absorbing cream that made my face suuuuuper smooth! In fact I really miss this lotion, I thought it made my skin look fantastic :)

The Prize
One (1) full-sized Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream (provided by Ageless Derma) ((valued at $65))

To Enter the Sweepstakes (mandatory entries; you must complete all 3)
  • Be a public follower of this blog,, with either GFC or Blog Lovin'
  • Provide a valid email address so that the winner can be contacted (not made public, but will be forwarded to Ageless Derma so that they can award the prize).** 
  • Follow @Manicurity on Twitter

4 Optional Entries
  1. Tweet "I want to win @AgelessDerma from @Manicurity!" You can do this once a day for more entries if you'd like (one a day per person, max).
  2. Follow @AgelessDerma on Twitter
  3. 'Like' Manicurity on Facebook
  4. Share this giveaway somewhere! You can pin it, share it on Facebook, blog about it, tumblr it, whatever you'd like! Just provide a valid link to a public post about this giveaway so that I can validate it (private social media accounts will not be counted, sorry). Please note: Twitter is excluded from this bonus "share" entry (since it's already listed as a separate option)

The Rules
  • USA residents only (sorry my international lovelies)
  • Must be 18 years or older (or have permission from a parent or guardian to enter)
  • Prize will be shipped directly to the winner from Ageless Derma. Emma and are not responsible for item(s) lost in mail/transit. Prize is not redeemable for cash.
  • To enter the contest, you must fill out the Rafflecopter widget below. The winner will be randomly chosen through Rafflecopter. In the event of a technical error, Emma of reserves the right to pick a winner (most likely using The entries will be verified and individuals with multiple entries will be disqualified and removed without notice.
  • Sweepstakes/contest is void where prohibited by law.
  • Sweepstakes/Contest runs from 12:00 AM EST September 16th - 11:59 PM EST September 30th 2013. Winner(s) will have 72 hours (3 days) to respond to winning email from Manicurity or a new winner(s) will be selected.
  • To read the full giveaway, contest and sweepstakes disclaimer, click here.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
This is more of a short and sweet giveaway; because the product is sooo lovely and hassle free I didn't want to make you jump through hoops to enter ;) The best part about using a Rafflecopter widget? You can like, follow, and tweet all from this blog post without having to open a bunch of tabs! 

How pumped are you for a chance at super soft, silky skin?! I don't want to go on and on about how much I loved this cream - instead you can check out my full review post of this fab face cream here [spoiler alert: I like it!]

**Yes, Rafflecopter has it built in that I don't have to ask you for an email address - but I'm asking so that you can give me an email account you will actually check. For instance the email associated with my personal FB account is my college email, and I never check it because I'm not in college anymore - so if I entered a giveaway with my FB account only, I might not see the winning email! And that would be sad.

September 14, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does it Again: Fashion! feat. Opening Ceremony NYFW Spring 2014

Woo hoo! It's the last day of our 12 day crazy ride of reviewing all of our previous themes from the past year of the Digit-al Dozen, and today's theme is fashion. NYFW just happened so the internet has treated us to a peek into all of the spring 2014 designs. After much browsing, I eventually settled on a really fantastic print from Opening Ceremony's runway show and went about recreating a similar look through layering multiple full-sized stamping images (with a teensy tiny bit of freehand)! Lookie!

Manicurity | Opening Ceremony NYFW Spring 2014 nail art

Manicurity | Opening Ceremony NYFW Spring 2014 nail art

Manicurity | Opening Ceremony NYFW Spring 2014 nail art

Manicurity | Opening Ceremony NYFW Spring 2014 nail art

I'm really proud of this manicure! This was my first attempt at layering multiple full-sized images and for the white floral pattern I had to match it on some of my nails because the image was a little small *pats self on back* I've can see some imperfections in this (i.e. I need to improve still), but I like this!! One of the reasons I adore nail challenges is that they push me to do new things I wouldn't have thought of on my own. The overall look is a little more 'busy' than I normally would go for, but it's pretty cool.

To get this look I used all Sally Hansen polishes, a tiny bit of freehand, and two different stamp images.
  1. Paint your nails Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Thinking of Blue until opaque (I only needed 2 coats)
  2. Take a small angled paint brush and use Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away and stamp on some lines here and there using the end of the brush; these random stripes are the boxes in the Opening Ceremony pattern!
  3. Using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White and MASH m73, stamp the pretty floral pattern on your nails
  4. To complete the Opening Ceremony pattern I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Tough Love to stamp a generally angular/circular situation pattern over all the other stuff. Rejoice!
Manicurity | Opening Ceremony NYFW Spring 2014 nail art PICTORAL

I should have used a more coral color, but I like this color palette together, too. Also I so desperately wish the actual circular pattern from the Opening Ceremony was a real stamp image because it is SO cool. Nail stamping seems to be one of those sort of weird subjects where some people don't think it's really nail "art" but I think it takes an awful lot of practice and patience just like mastering painting tiny tiny details with a brush.

Anyhoo, check out all of the other fashion-inspired nail arts below AND don't forget about our sweet, sweet $200 gift card giveaway - it's open INTERNATIONALLY and you can choose whichever store you'd like the card to come from!

September 13, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does it Again: Tape! Lime Crime Milky Ways and butterLondon Bossy Boots Reciprocal Gradient nail art

Well well well, today's post didn't go as planned! Today's theme is tape manis, and tape manis are super cool but they're also sometimes the most "challenging" simply because of time constraints (i.e. waiting and waiting for all the layers to dry to do the tape part). I took a crack at The Reciprocal Gradient and struggled with it a bit. Check out my subtle pastel gradient nails using Lime Crime Milky Ways and butterLondon Bossy Boots!

Manicurity | Lime Crime Milky Ways and butterLondon Bossy Boots Reciprocal Gradient nail art

Manicurity | Lime Crime Milky Ways and butterLondon Bossy Boots Reciprocal Gradient nail art

Manicurity | Lime Crime Milky Ways and butterLondon Bossy Boots Reciprocal Gradient nail art

Manicurity | Lime Crime Milky Ways and butterLondon Bossy Boots Reciprocal Gradient nail art

So I love the idea of the reciprocal gradient and for my first time these are pretty cool, but I'm bummed that I spent soooo much time on these and I feel like they ended up sort of meh. The colors I picked didn't play nicely and didn't want to build very well, then it seems like my red striping tape bled into the polishes (has that happened to anyone else? is that a "thing"?!)? Next time I will definitely be picking some much more opaque, bold colors so this has a lot more punch (because OMG, have you seen this one from Adventures in Acetone? to die for!) instead of being so soft, subtle and pretty.

Have you tried the reciprocal gradient? Any tips?? And has your striping tape ever deposited color onto your nails like it seems like mine has? I thought it was just stray pieces are first and tried to dig them out with tweezers, but it really does seem like the color bled (there's some spots of red on my middle and pinkie, and some gold making the Milky Ways part of the gradient on the first layer of my index look weird).

Check out the other tape nails for today and don't forget out $200 giftcard giveaway!

September 12, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does it AGAIN: Books! The Mortal Instruments Runes Nail Art

I've been reading books from The Mortal Instruments series like there's no tomorrow! While I'm not sure that the plots are any good (they just seem like a mish-mash of every other similar-ish thing I've read), the writing is really great and fast paced so it's hard for me to put one down when I'm in the middle of it! Today's nails for the 'book' theme of the Digit-al Dozen September Spectacular are a multi-stamp representation of the runes on Shadowhunters' skins. WTF are Shadowhunters and runes? Shadowhunters are half-angel half-human demon-fighting heroes, and they use these tools called steles to draw runes on themselves; the runes have different meanings and properties - some help heal wounds, others protect you or give you good luck, etc. Check it out!

Currently I'm most of the way through City of Glass so I promise no spoilers for you if you promise no spoilers for me in the comments (however, I did look up one thing because the ~plot twist~ at the end of the first book made me nauseous...). In the books the descriptions of the runes on Shadowhunters makes it seem like they are covered in old rune scars, mixed with some permanent ones. Whenever you draw a new rune onto your skin, it's very dark and obvious, then fades over time to thin, silvery marks. Keeping this idea in mind I did multiple different stamps in OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Barry M silver foil, and black. This was my first time doing multiple stamps on one nail and I think it went A-OK! Mostly I'm just always pleased that challenges like this give me a reason to use the patterns on plates I would never use otherwise (I don't understand why there are so many images that look like awful tribal tattoos on ALL OF THE PLATES).

Admittedly, the trailer for the movie based on the first book got me interested in reading the books and I'm about 10 years too old for the intended audience (yikes). I am a wee bit weirded out that the books are essentially fanfic based on the author's own previous fanfic of Harry Potter ; while the story is "original" it takes A LOT of inspiration from and includes a lot of similar elements of Harry Potter (not cool, because HP is my homeboy). I guess once Snooki had published a book, fanfic seemed like a totally normal thing to actually publish and sell in stores [yep, totally looking at you 50 Shades of Grey]. Granted these Mortal Instruments books are FUN to read despite overwhelming similarities (Clary vs. Valentine is the new Harry vs. Voldemort?!), while FSOG is more like me shaking my head at how truly, truly godawful the writing and characters are the whole time -__-

Now check out the other book-inspired nail artz for today and of course don't forget our $200 gift card giveaway!!!

September 11, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does it Again: Bling! with A Rainbow of Glitters - Hand-Placed Glitter Nail Art

Is glitter 'bling'? I mean, it's really reflective and pretty but whenever I think "bling" I think 3D things like rhinestones and studs. Anyhoo, today's theme is bling and I did some really *ahem* eccentric placed glitter nails full of rainbows, wiggly lines, and holo. So it's like rainbow on your rainbow! And hence, because it is glitter (reflective) and most of it is holo glitter (like 15x more reflective, with magic) I feel like every photograph I took looks like "....wat is that?" because most of them are blurry or weird but in person I feel like a mermaid wizard with enchanting fingers. I'm probably going to post like 259895 photos and videos to Instagram (I'm @manicurity if you wondering) because iPhones have some sort of super-smart camera eye that can take awesome photos in low light, and specifically of holo-y goodness. Anyhoo, feast your eyes here and then don't let the party stop - take yourself on over to Instagram when you're done!!

Manicurity | A Rainbow of Glitters - Hand-Placed Glitter Nail Art

Manicurity | A Rainbow of Glitters - Hand-Placed Glitter Nail Art

Manicurity | A Rainbow of Glitters - Hand-Placed Glitter Nail Art

my base color was 2 coats Zoya Raven + here's what the box of the holo glitters look like :)

Manicurity | A Rainbow of Glitters - Hand-Placed Glitter Nail Art
BONUS: Blurry photo!

This mani is inspired by the queen of placed glitter, Polish All the Nails. The first time I saw any sort of placed glitter nail art was from Laura a year or so ago - so either I am really slow at things OR she made it a thing, either way whenever I think of placed glitter I think of her!! I had originally wanted to do 3D cube nails (with glitter) because hot daniel, they are so rad but I thought they were done with square glitters and alas, they are done with diamonds. So instead I said, "Hey, let me stick all of those glitters from the craft store that I bought before there were solvent glitter suppliers on the internet onto my nails because I can't use them in polish and what else will I do with them!" and ta-dahhhhh.

These are SO SWEET YOU GUYS. I wish you could all come over and look at them! They remind me of snakes a little, but really cool snakes and not gross ones [snakes and I are not BFFs, so I'm imagining some magical realism jewel encrusted snakes that bring me chocolates or something]. This is my first go at doing full-coverage glitter placement and I feel like I learned a ton. It also didn't take me near as much time as I thought it would, but that's because the large glitters are LARGE and made the process much faster. I did try to buff the ones that hang over away, which does not work at all, so keep that in mind if you try this. I think next time I'll try and trim them with rounded manicure scissors to fit the shape of my nail better?

Anyhoo, check out the other blingy nail art for today and don't forget to check out our sweet $200 gift card giveaway if you haven't entered yet (ends 9/15)!

PS. Here's a fun Xzibit meme for my dearest internet friends!

Manicurity | A Rainbow of Glitters - Hand-Placed Glitter Nail Art