November 27, 2013

Polish Alcoholic Skiing Snowman - Swatches & Review

Skiing Snowman is a 3-free white crelly filled with Spectraflair 35 from Polish Alcoholic's Winter // Holiday 2013 collection! Is this the answer for those of you seeking the elusive (and pretty much impossible) white holographic polish?! Read on to find out!

Manicurity | Polish Alcoholic Skiing Snowman - Swatches & Review

Manicurity | Polish Alcoholic Skiing Snowman - Swatches & Review
Manicurity | Polish Alcoholic Skiing Snowman - Swatches & Review

Oooooh, pretty! I love this soft, light grey color with rainbows for winter; very much reminds me of the way snow can look like fluffy diamonds. When top coat'd I do feel like the holo-ness is dulled; it's there in an "ooh, what a fancy creme, there's just something about it!" way but not in a "Look at this holo polish!" way. With my accidental tan Florida hands I think this takes on a verrrry light, grayed lilac color which I really like.

Being a white crelly-based polish, Skiing Snowman can be a little bit streaky if you're not paying attention while applying. As long as you use purposeful, even coats you won't have any problems! If you apply it a little weird and lazily [this was totally me the first time] then it will be patchy and nearly impossible to fix no matter how many coats you use [like a yellow, bah]. The formula is really easy to work with if you do the 3 stroke way (like one down the left side, one down the right side, one in the middle to even it out). Do not forget to shake this polish before applying it!!! Otherwise you won't get very much of the holographic rainbow magic bits onto your nails.

Here I've layered one coat of Skiing Snowman over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, with 3 coats of Skiing Snowman on my ring finger. Skiing Snowman is still a wee bit darker grey than when it's layered. No top coat in these photos.
Manicurity | Polish Alcoholic Skiing Snowman - Swatches & Review
indirect natural light
Manicurity | Polish Alcoholic Skiing Snowman - Swatches & Review
Manicurity | Polish Alcoholic Skiing Snowman - Swatches & Review

Manicurity | Polish Alcoholic Skiing Snowman - Swatches & Review

The first time I wore this polish I had mad chips on the free edge on the first day (part of why I had to re-swatch it). Not to boast tooo much, but I very rarely get chips in my manis so that was a bummer. However, holographic polishes do have a tendency to chip and thus it's not particularly surprising that this did chip ((I also applied like 3939824 coats because I did a horrible job, so that was a problem, too)). Obviously I don't know if this will chip on you or if my nails were dehydrated or if my base coat didn't work well or any other number of reasons for ze chips, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Is Skiing Snowman the answer to the quest for a white holographic polish? Mayhaps. If you were looking for like the OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls of holo polishes, this is totes the one!! But if you wanted a pure white holo, I think that's literally impossible. Spectraflair and other holo-making ingredients are silver and silver + white = grey.

Pricing & Availability

Skiing Snowman and the rest of the Winter/Holiday 2013 collection is currently available! Yay!
Polish Alcoholic ships worldwide from their Etsy store (10mL full size, price varies)

For more Polish Alcoholic check out their blogFacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter!

Do you like Skiing Snowman? Have you tried any polishes from Polish Alcoholic? I think the little bottles are so cute!

*I received a press sample for my honest review and swatching purposes. If you'd like to know more about my disclosure policies, please check out my disclosure page

November 26, 2013

Pahlish El Topo Petit and Toxic and Timeless (Version Two) - Swatches & Review

I have two stunning and rather different Pahlish polishes (say that three times fast!) to share with you today! The first is El Topo Petit, a shimmery taupe, and the second is a 'classic' Pahlish shade aptly named Toxic and Timeless. I am so in love with both of these!!

Manicurity | Pahlish El Topo Petit and Toxic and Timeless (Version Two) - Swatches & Review

November 25, 2013

piCture pOlish #ManiMonday: Shocked - Swatches, Review, and Skittle Nail Art

Today I have a blogger collaboration piCture pOlish color to share with you - Shocked, created with Claire of Shatter Me Claire (read her blog post reveal about this shade here). Shocked is a gorgeous pink jelly polish with holographic shards in it. I have to confess, the little irregularly shaped holo shards is my very favorite PP finish - I am obsessed with it!! I want ALL of them! Take a peek at how beautiful this polish is and the nail art I did inspired by Claire's blog name below.

Manicurity | piCture pOlish #ManiMonday: Shocked - Swatches, Review, and Skittle Nail Art

I'm not really a 'pink person', I have always been a 'blue girl' BUT I am totally enamored with Shocked! I feel like it reads more as raspberry on the nail and I love the smooshy, squishy depth you get with the jelly base. I paint slightly thicker coats so I actually found this to be a wearable opacity at two coats, but did three coats just for more punch. The piCture pOlish brush is great and really nice to work with - short, but flat like Zoya and OPI had a brush baby.  Formula was perfect and easy to work with as expected!

Manicurity | piCture pOlish #ManiMonday: Shocked - Swatches, Review, and Skittle Nail Art

Manicurity | piCture pOlish #ManiMonday: Shocked - Swatches, Review, and Skittle Nail Art

Manicurity | piCture pOlish #ManiMonday: Shocked - Swatches, Review, and Skittle Nail Art

November 21, 2013

Polish Alcoholic Cheer Bear - Swatch & Review (lil bit pic heavy)

Polish Alcoholic is an indie brand from the Netherlands created by fellow nail blogger Sabrina. Today I've got one stunning linear holographic polish to share with you named Cheer Bear from her upcoming Care Bears Collection! This post is a wee bit pic heavy because I really wanted to show you this polish in different lighting.

Manicurity | Polish Alcoholic Cheer Bear - Swatch & Review
Manicurity | Polish Alcoholic Cheer Bear - Swatch & Review
indirect OTT 'natural' sunlight, slight holo bends
Manicurity | Polish Alcoholic Cheer Bear - Swatch & Review
real full-on sunlight
Manicurity | Polish Alcoholic Cheer Bear - Swatch & Review
indirect natural sunlight, outdoors

Own Skin Health Refining Moisture Night Cream - Full Review

Hello my loves! Today I'm sharing my thoughts on Own Skin Health's Refining Moisture Night Cream, a sample that I have extensively tested (down to the last drop, and am so sad I've run out!). At first, this product and I didn’t get along; the jar packaging is a huge turn-off for me and the scent of the product was really overwhelmingly strong (and not my personal preference). The first time I used the Refining Moisture Night Cream I had an unexpected flush and that sort of tight, tingly feeling (all of which indicates skin irritation) and after about a month (4 weeks, half the recommended time because I am impatient) of semi-regular nightly use I didn’t feel like there was a noticeable positive difference in my skin so I discontinued use. During the first month I tested it I also had a hard time getting the product to really absorb without pilling up and rolling off in little like flaky balls (ew, I’m sorry, TMI?). Obviously I’m not sure what caused the weird non-absorbing behavior - not sure if this was a combination of the products I was using at the time, or my lack of prior exfoliation was making it hard for the product to really absorb or what. After taking a short break from using the product, I gave it a second chance, and really loved the effects the second time around! 

Manicurity | Own Skin Health Refining Moisture Night Cream - Full Review

How does the Refining Moisture Night Cream stack up to its claims?

Official Claims (from the Own product description, including caps)
  • Own’s Pure NATURAL Safflower Extract shows results in as little as 8 weeks WITHOUT HARSH CHEMICALS True that this brand does not include the “harsh chemical” Retinol, but I wouldn’t say that a blend of acids meant to remove layers of dead skin cells is akin to a super gentle angel’s wing beating upon your face. I would agree that you need to take some time to see results! One month didn’t do much for me.
  • Pure Safflower Extract boosts collagen, improves skin's moisture barrier, and enhances cell turnover for FIRMER, SOFTER, and MORE EVEN skin tone Maybe, yes, and yes! My skin definitely felt lovely and silky in the mornings while using this cream so I agree with softer and more even, not sure about 'firmer'.
  • Absorbs quickly (90% of women agree) This is one of those like "Oh, okay, good for you!" claims. How fast is 'quickly'? How many women did you even ask? Anyhoo, I did find that this absorbed fairly easily during my second testing period without any excess product residue feeling sticky or tacky, but didn't absorb at all the first month I used it. 
  • No Retinol, Parabens, Fragrances, or Sulfates I find the rose geranium scent to be really overwhelming, so I wouldn't call this 'fragrance free' by any stretch.
  • No Irritation or redness, perfect for GENTLE skin. Dermatologist-Tested. Nope, nope, nope, maybe. I had some flushing, warm, tight, and tingly feelings while using this cream; not unpleasant, but those are all signs of irritation. If you have very sensitive skin, I don't know that this would be a good match. If you suffer from extreme acne or broken skin, this will irritate any sort of open skin with a more sever burning sensation than the normal "ahh, tingles!"
Manicurity | Own Skin Health Refining Moisture Night Cream - Full Review

Texture For me this seems between a lotion and a heavy night cream (when I think 'night cream' my mind jumps to old school, heavier cold creams); luxurious but not SUPER thick and very easy to spread around. It can look a little oily/greasy/shiny immediately after application, but I never felt sticky or tacky. 

Manicurity | Own Skin Health Refining Moisture Night Cream - Full Review

Scent was sort of a mix of floral and green tea? It reminds me a little of box hair dye (which doesn't scream out "Put me on your face!"). I found it sort of overwhelming and strong at first, not my favorite scent in the world, but not so icky that I stopped using the product. By the end of the jar either the fragrance had dissipated or the scent was more familiar to me (or probably a combo of the two) and I didn't mind it nearly as much.

Manicurity | Own Skin Health Refining Moisture Night Cream - Full Review

Packaging Oh, jar packaging! Why? Not only do I personally dislike jar packaging, it's also pretty unhelpful for the ingredients in the product itself. Jars require a spatula or spoon to ensure that the rest of the product stays relatively free from bacteria and other under-fingernail-gunk. Jars also mean that the ingredients start to degrade because you're trapping air inside with all the cute little active ingredients, and then they're not as active anymore. Not to mention the jar is sort of frosted, but not particularly light safe (which also makes active ingredients sad). The jar itself has a sort of rubbery finish to it, which can pick up dust and hair and debris from wherever you keep your skincare items, and by the end of using the cream a majority of the branding printed on the jar had flaked off. Meh. The branding is nice, tho - simple white, green and silver palette that can appeal to pretty much any age range :) 

Pricing and Availability Own Skin Health products are available at Ulta ($24.99), Duane Reade, Whole Foods,, and at the Own Amazon store.

Manicurity | Own Skin Health Refining Moisture Night Cream - Full Review #OwnatUlta
I like this product for what it actually is - an AHA (glycolic acid) chemical exfoliant. I’m not sure what I really thought a “refining moisture night cream” would be (because how does lotion ‘refine’ without some sort of active ingredient, right?) -  but I was disappointed and confused when I first received the cream because I didn’t feel like it fit much of the claims and marketing. In the end I found it an effective AHA chemical exfoliant that did indeed make my skin softer, more even in tone, and smoother (less tiny lines in my forehead, which I worry about, which makes more tiny lines, etc.). Products in jars give me the “Ewww, whyyyy?!”s so I wish that this was in different packaging and contained less fragrance (whether artificial ‘parfum’ or natural ingredients) - then I would downright rave about it!

Overall I have oily/combo skin and I felt like this was an effective AHA chemical exfoliant and moisturizer. For the price, I find it really affordable for how effective it is, and one jar lasts a very long time!! Another great thing is that Own Skin Health is available at Ulta, which is one of my favorite places to shop (forreal, their $3.50 off $10 is like my favorite thing).

Now I'm curious - have you tried any of the Own Skincare products? How do you feel about skincare in jar packaging?

*Disclosure: I received this press sample for my honest review; the opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. 
If you'd like to know more about my disclosure policies please check out my disclosure page.

November 20, 2013

Giveaway Reminder!

Hello hello! Just wanted to remind y'all about the Thanks a Latte group blogger giveaway, which ends this Friday (11/22). If you haven't entered yet, don't miss out on your chance to win a $100 giftcard for Sephora + a $15 Starbucks giftcard!! Best part? International giveaway! Lucky you!!!

Click here to be taken to the Rafflecopter widget and enter the giveaway!

Apologies for not writing as much so far this week, I'm feeling a little under the weather with some odd flu-like symptoms :( I really hope that I am all better tomorrow because I have lots of blog work to do! Plus Catching Fire comes out this weekend!!!

November 18, 2013

piCture pOlish #ManiMonday: Believe - Swatches, Review, and Galaxy Nail Art

I am SO thrilled to be starting this piCture pOlish #ManiMonday mini-series! Starting today I will have one beautiful piCture pOlish shade to share with you every Monday for four weeks. The first shade I'm sharing with you is a newer color from the Inspire Collection called 'Believe'. The Inspire Collection is a trio of polishes that are dedicated from one of the PP girls, Jules, to all of the friends, family, and piCture pOlish fans that have helped her on her nail growing journey (and stop biting her nails! yay!). I used to be a nail biter and hangnail picker before getting into polish (like many nail fanatics, actually) and I very much echo the sentiment of HOORAY! It's so nice to finally break the habit :) 

November 17, 2013

My Favorite Things: October

OH, hey, it's half-way through November! But I still wanted to share my October faves with you anyway. Did anyone else feel like October was gone in a blink of an eye?! Clearly I did! I just moved to Miami, Florida with my man friend (boyfriend, hopeful life partner, guinea pig co-parent, etc.) from Atlanta so it's been sort of a whirlwind of "What if we put the couch on THAT wall instead?!" and "Omg, isn't this rug cute?" and "Why do we still have boxes that are unpacked?! We need more closets!" [those are all my statements btw, he's more like "Why...?"]. Leaving the Metro Atlanta Beauty Blogger group was really sad for me, but luckily The Digit-al Dozen has really been stepping up our internet presence and we've all grown a lot closer as internet Facebook friends. Yay!

1.] Favorite new (tried) polish: Definitely Cult Nails Grunge! I haven't used it in a full manicure yet, but you can see it used a little in my Busy Spider-y Halloween mani. It's a shade I didn't know I had to have until I got it :)

2.] Favorite new (tried) indie: Probably the Pahlish Fall duo (see my swatches here) - The Dust Witch is such a brilliant fall-but-not-typical-fall glitter topper!

(clockwise from top left: Grunge, Wax That, Fetish, Be Loco, Party TimeWack Slacks)
3.] Favorite new (UNtried) polishes: I went HAM on some Lacquistry Halloween polishes. Yay! AND A TON OF CULT NAILS. Actually I have a surprising number of untrieds right now >.<

4.] Favorite new polish collection: Does the Cult Nails Midnight Masquerade count? I ask because it's already sold out so I feel a little bad being like LOOK AT THIS MAJESTIC TINY COLLECTION, but I'm clearly enthusiastic about it (and it should have been delivered today, yay!). I want to take this opportunity to say - hey polish people, let's keep doing these slightly smaller collections!! I love that it was three polishes and not 6 or 15 or 20 => totally justifiable and affordable purchase. Also hella pretty!

Favy new technique/tip: Probably the dry brush aged look that I had somehow missed? Like I dunno what I was doing when this glorious thing happened at Chalkboard Nails back in September, but I've been seeing it around recently ('twas a popular 'glam Halloween' thing) and I like it very much. 

My favorite October post is almost all of them? I really enjoyed skittle week - like the denim nail art, and the two Halloween nail arts (dots and spiders) but in the end my favorite is probably the all Cult Nails skittle set pictured above. I just really liked the weird mix of colors and finishes :)

YOUR favey October post ('fave' as determined by page views) is my colorful dotty garland/stripey situation. While I liked this, have you SEEN the one that my friend Elizabeth did?! HER COLORS ARE SO DIVINE. I love her's 19393x more than mine!

October Beauty: I'm still on the 'grungy smoked out bronze/gold eye with red lip' situation. I've also done some very scientific research* and have realized that I am a HUGE fan of the Milani eyebrow powder kit. It doesn't wear off or smudge or look (as) weird at the end of the day as my previous eyebrow method - using the Wet n Wild ColorIcon pencil in Taupe.
*Scientific research = wearing one thing one day, and then the other the next day and saying "This one is better"

For my October Entertainment I've been watching pretty much every show the CW makes. I just can't help it! I love them so much! I'll be a tween girl at heart for the rest of my life >.< Like seriously, I am OBSESSED WITH REIGN. Is anyone else watching it? Can we gossip about it please?! 

Favorite blogging moment/milestone: A lot of really exciting brands that I love and adore have reached out to me at the end of October about working together AND I finally got into the BlogHer Publishing Network!!! So I feel like all my hard work typing and practicing taking photos of my hands have been paying off recently. It's goofy, but I love love love blogging and I am so happy that I still feel so enthusiastic (this time of year I usually hit a slump, but maybe the move to super sunny Florida has kept me out of it, since I'm still wearing shorts and tank tops every day :p) Also The Digit-al Dozen is stronger than ever - have you seen our cool website?!

My October goals were to post 3 consecutive days each week by a certain time each day AND to focus on Twitter. How did I do? I feel like I'm getting a much better hang of the whole Twitter thing! HootSuite is SUPER HELPFUL. Did I post 3 times a week? Yes, but not really at the right times. That's definitely something I want to be much more consistent about, but that's like a ~totally personal~ thing. No blog police will show and be like "Hello, this is not at the right time!"

November Goals
  1. Post at relatively the same time for the rest of November (ha ha ha)
  2. Be more awesome at Instagram! I don't post there consistently enough, but I should
  3. Comment a little more frequently on other people's cool blog posts 

I also changed the blog layout in October, which is always exciting for me personally, but I change it so often I don't really bother making too much of a big deal about it. My Mom always has strong opinions about it tho, which I enjoy chatting with her about :)

Now I'm curious, what were your favorite things about October?! Are you still all about pumpkin things, or have you moved onto the pepperminty things?  

PS. Not sure why all of the words are in different fonts in this post?! It's driving me insane but is also too challenging for me to fix right now (not because it's hard, because it's time confusing and whyyyy)

I always enjoy reading 'favorite things' or 'wrap up' posts because it's so fun to see what other people like & get to know them a little bit better. If you'd like to see all of the 'My Favorite Things' posts, click here!

November 15, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen does Black & White: Freehand Zebra + Layered Dotz Mish-Mash Nail Art

Today I've got some funky freehand zebra nail art with...layered dots? I know, it's a little more *ahem* bold than what I would usually do; this isn't really my typical style at all. But with all black and white any pattern gets a sophisticated edge that I appreciate! And the real inspiration behind this funky mish-mash of patterns is one of my favorite graffiti pieces near to my new abode in Miami* - this zebra with a zipper up the back surrounding by dots that says "Welcome to Wynwood!" ((see the inspo here))

Manicurity | Freehand Zebra + Layered Dotz Mish-Mash Nail Art

Manicurity | Freehand Zebra + Layered Dotz Mish-Mash Nail Art

Manicurity | Freehand Zebra + Layered Dotz Mish-Mash Nail Art

Manicurity | Freehand Zebra + Layered Dotz Mish-Mash Nail Art
[before topcoat, look at all that texture!]

The base is 3 coats of Orly Au Champagne, my favorite non-creme white polish! It's shimmery and beautiful and easy to paint with, it also dries to an interesting satin finish without top coat. I love it so much I even snagged a back-up bottle of it when all the holiday stuff was on clearance at Sally Beauty the year it came out :D Then I did freehand zebra stripes, which were confusingly hard for me? I think because I have tried so hard to NOT make my lines all blobby and shaky, it's hard for me to make graceful blobby zebra lines. These are the first zebra print I've done that resemble zebra enough to make it to the blog (not bad for my second time evar)!

Layered dots are fun! They do take a little time and patience, but these were made easier by using Cult Nails Tempest and Nevermore - they're so opaque I didn't have to re-dot the white over and over! Sadly this is the end of black and white week, and I'm really pleased I got to do a lot of bold graphic patterns - even if they were all dots or stripes or a combo of both [mwhahah]. Don't forget to check out the other black and white nails for today below!

*YES! I totally moved from ATL -> MIA, which I have been soo busy trying to keep the blog running as 'usual' with all the pre-moving, mid-moving, and post-moving activities that I haven't had time to write a big post about the fact that I've moved, whoops!! I'll probably pop it into my October Favorites, which is sadly late as well >.<

November 14, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does Black & White: Mind-bending Stripey Patchwork with OMG Nail Polish Strips in Black Stripes

Eeesh, what a title eh? I just really wanted you to feel prepared before checking out this nail art because it's so awesome and confusing at first glance! Today I'm using some OMG (real) Nail Polish Strips in 'Black Stripes' (see the pattern on their website here) which I was sent to review with some clever pieces and circles punched out to make this carnival-like mindbending stripe-tastic nail art! Take a look, but maybe be sitting down first because these are a lil bit crazy :)

Manicurity | Mind-bending Stripey Patchwork with OMG Nail Polish Strips in Black Stripes

Manicurity | Mind-bending Stripey Patchwork with OMG Nail Polish Strips in Black Stripes

Manicurity | Mind-bending Stripey Patchwork with OMG Nail Polish Strips in Black Stripes

Manicurity | Mind-bending Stripey Patchwork with OMG Nail Polish Strips in Black Stripes

Manicurity | Mind-bending Stripey Patchwork with OMG Nail Polish Strips in Black Stripes

I am so in love with this, and I honestly don't think I could have done it with any other product or method (I mean technically I could have done something similar, but the OMG strips have tons of major advantages). Sure, stamping is a method to get a similar result, but with these Black Stripes nail strips I don't have to wait for all of my base colors to dry and then have tears rolling down my face when my perfectly stamped image gets smudged by my top coat.

First I applied strips to all of my fingernails according to the directions; they are straight forward and pretty much exactly what you would expect for a real nail polish strip like this (and also general nail polish), i.e. push back cuticles, clean nail plate before applying the strip, choose the right size and work your way up from the cuticle. Then I used the remnants of the pieces I had filed off and punched out some circles and cut some triangles and trapezoids to make my 'patches'. I just plopped the pieces down onto my nails in random places, applied a little bit of pressure, and top coated. Ta-dah! Super easy, amazing result! And because these really are nail polish based, like the Sally Hansen strips, you can use acetone and a clean up brush to correct any overhanging pieces or make 'the gap' more even once you are done applying.

I will post a more detailed review and comparison between these OMG Nail Strips and the other similar products I have tried (the mentioned Sally Hansen strips and the Jamberry nail wraps) here on the blog soon [make sure you don't miss it by liking Manicurity on Facebook and following me on Twitter for updates]. Not to give too much away, but these are pretty awesome :) Feel free to check out the OMG Nail Strips website in the meantime!

Now don't forget to check out the other black and white nail art from the Digit-al Dozen ladies below! I am already feeling a little sad that this week is coming to a close :'(

November 13, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does Black & White: Electric Heartbreaker - Stamped Gradient Nail Art with Pure Ice's Heart Breaker

This is a prime example of when a nail art experiment goes SUPER WELL the first time (which is definitely not always the case). I knew I wanted to do a gradient with a stamp over it that would sort of 'disappear' into one of the colors (you know what I'm talking about, also is there an "official" nail art name for it?!). And then at the last minute I was like, wait, I don't think people want to see 5 manicures of plain-ish black and white cremes all week (I mean, I DO but I don't think you want to). So I put on one thick-ish coat of Pure Ice's duochrome green to blue polish Heart Breaker as a top coat. And wow!

Manicurity | The Digit-al Dozen Does Black & White: Electric Heartbreaker - Stamped Gradient Nail Art with Pure Ice's Heart Breaker

Manicurity | The Digit-al Dozen Does Black & White: Electric Heartbreaker - Stamped Gradient Nail Art with Pure Ice's Heart Breaker

Manicurity | The Digit-al Dozen Does Black & White: Electric Heartbreaker - Stamped Gradient Nail Art with Pure Ice's Heart Breaker

Manicurity | The Digit-al Dozen Does Black & White: Electric Heartbreaker - Stamped Gradient Nail Art with Pure Ice's Heart Breaker

So pretty! So mesmerizing! I just twiddle my pretty finger bits around all the time with this mani. It feels like I'm a warlock and my fingers have tiny electrical storms on the ends! Here's how I did this (lots of simple layering + some patience):
  1. Opaque beige undies before doing the sponging (I usually do a smidgen of clean-up at this step so that I can get the sponged colors past the undies; i.e. when I do clean up after the gradient I'm not exposing awkward beige polish) 
  2. Using a damp sponge [on taped off fingers to cut down on clean up time!], do the gradient thing on all nails using Zoya Purity (white) and Raven (black with a tiny hint of shimmer)
  3. Stamp a cool pattern over gradient with black; in my case this is a cool zig-zaggy image from plate A32
  4. Swipe on one thick coat of Pure Ice Heart Breaker, marvel at how amazingly pretty it is
  5. Clean up forever while watching Arrow on Netflix, make sure and switch cotton buds often so you're not just rubbing black all over your hands and that you are actually removing it (I like to roll a tiny bit of cotton ball onto the end of an orange stick to make my own Q-tips, basically)
Manicurity | The Digit-al Dozen Does Black & White: Electric Heartbreaker - Stamped Gradient Nail Art with Pure Ice's Heart Breaker

One cool thing about this is that in person you can see the stamped pattern overlap all the way down to the end of the polish; the stamped image was done with a black that is darker than the sponged on Raven shade. I am really happy with this and will definitely be revisiting this idea again - it's just too pretty not to!

Don't forget to check out the other nail arts for today in the thumbnails below!