January 30, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen LOVES YOU Giveaway REMINDER!!

ERMARGERD! The super fabulously huge and wonderful giveaway The Digit-al Dozen has been hosting all January is ending SOON. I wanted to give you some visuals in terms of what the different prizes are. If you haven't entered the giveaway yet no worries as I've included the widget in this post :D

Feast your beautiful, beautiful eyes on all o' this!!


The members of The DD each chipped in a little so you can buy yourself some excellent post-Christmas presents. Each card is $100 in USD and will be the winner's choice of where they would like their electronic gift card to!

Now the rest of the prizes are all donated by the respective brands - SOO amazing and crazy generous!!


This is a sponsored prize SO generously donated by MoYou. It includes 10 stamping plates of the winner's choice (and won't look like the one I made up in PicMonkey), 3 different scrapers + stamper sets, 4 rhinestone wheels (**not necessarily the one pictured**) AND a special surprise from their stamping jewelry line!!

$50 to GG Couture for one person; $25 to Moon Sugar Decals for another winner

How awesome, right?! So many fun things to choose from at each store!

4 Chirality Polishes

One winner will recieve 4 full-sized Chirality polishes. Prize polishes are, in order of the collage, Gazoo, Neptunus, Party All the Time, and Yoda Purpurata. SO PRETTY. 

4 Simple & Seasonal Winter Polishes

One winner will receive the 4 polishes from indie brand Simple and Seasonal's winter holiday 2013 collection! In order of the photograph the shades are: Sparklers, Candy Cane, Holly, and Eve

4 VooDoo Lacquer Winter Holiday 2013 Collection Polishes

Shelly of Sassy Shelly so graciously let me use her beautiful swatch collage photo from her review post about these polishes ((read it here!!)) In order of the photograph, the four shades are: Marshmallow World, Holly Jolly Christmas (red), Polar Express, and Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

 3 Renaissance Cosmetics Polishes + 1 10ml Cuticle Oil

Renaissance Cosmetics is made by Will Paint Nails For Food, a Digit-al Dozen member! One winner will win 3 full sized bottles of RC polish and a large bottle of cuticle oil. Lovely!

 Candynail Prize Pack

One winner will receive a rather nice sampling of polishes from brand Candynail. Polishes include Plumilicious (upper left), Milky Candy Pack (bottom right) which is a three pack of super pretty mini polishes, AND a full bottle of the winner's choice. Sweet! (haha)

2 Quirk Polishes

So, for someone in the USA this is a HUGE DEAL because Kerrie (Pish Posh and Polish), a DD member and the creator of Quirk, can't ship her polishes here. I am genuinely envious of whoever wins this prize! One person will win 2 full size bottles - Eponine (pictured) and My Name's McGill, an unreleased polish that is so new you can't even see a photo of it yet!!

2 Ruby White Tips Polishes

Some lucky somebunny will win two beautiful polishes from indie brand Ruby White Tips. Polishes are Misfit Toys (left) and Chloe (right)

50% off codes for Simple and Seasonal - 5 winners!!

Five different people will receive coupon codes for brand Simple & Seasonal!!


That's a total of 12 main prize packages + 5 coupon code winners = 17 different winners! WOOOO!

To enter, please fill out this Rafflecopter widget. The giveaway is open internationally to anyone over the age of 18 (or with express permission from a parent/guardian), but one of the prizes is not available to residents in the Czech Republic. Giveaway runs until 7pm EST TODAY SO DON'T HESITATE!

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  1. Now that is a giveaway, there are going to be some very lucky people!


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