About Me

Hey y'all! I thought it was about time I updated my 'about me' since I've been blogging for a bit now.
My name is Emma and this is my nail + makeup blog that also sometimes has photos of guinea pigs!! 

this photo is from May 2012; my right-hand mani is District Four 

I technically started this blog wayyyyy back in 2011 during a summer when I wasn't enrolled in hellish summer college classes, soon after seeing an image of watermarble'd nails on Pinterest. While I started the blog in July 2011, I wasn't serious and dedicated about blogging until January 2012 (I slowly built up momentum and joined a birthday group in the fall, so by November and December I was posting better things, but got way more awesome once 2012 rolled around). For as long as I can remember between sometime in middle school and most of college, I had taken up the habit of chewing at my nails and hangnails in times of stress. But when I saw how cool and fun nail polish could be [especially when one was bored and stuck inside to avoid an Atlanta, Georgia summer], I decided I needed to moisturize and take better care of my hands if I wanted to slather them in polish, acetone, and chemicals ;-) Taking care of my fingerbits makes me feel good about myself by providing a creative outlet (tiny, temporary paintings!), keeps germs out of my hangnails, and has also given me some awesome friends.

Plus it's a super fun game to play 'guess the number of polishes in this tiny Ikea filing cabinet' at parties!

you can read more about my storage here

I have three adorable guinea pigs, which are probably my other greatest joy in life (besides the usual things - my family, boyfriend, ice cream, nail polish, etc.) because they are hilarious, crazy cute, and unpredictable. They are also my first pets since being on my own, so maybe that helps?

this is their temporary floor-time cage, so no need to worry

Currently I am freelancing and consulting while I look for full time employment in something design related, since I majored in product design. I think that I'd like to be an art director eventually, but right now I'm very interested in generally gaining experience. I miss the studio environment!

Finally, here are some more up to date awkward photos of my face so you can see that I'm ~totally~ a real person that accidentally has bitchface sometimes (top right), but is also cool and not afraid to DIY ombre her hair at home. For the record that bottom photo had the only intention of showing off my eye makeup, I don't think I look like really good staring down or anything...

PS. I'm 94% sure my favorite color is now glitter

PPS. If you read all this, you deserve a high-five and maybe a prize? Let me know and I'll quiz you, then send the prize out.

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recent photos! huzzah!

Feel free to repost my photos, but please leave them as-is and give me credit for my work. It's what I do for other people, and I would like you to return the same courtesy!