Advertising and Sponsors

At this time there are lots of options to work with Manicurity in terms of advertising and sponsorship!! Please note that I DO follow FTC guidelines and fully disclose all of my posts; sponsored posts will be marked as such.

Why work with Manicurity?

10,161 monthly unique visitors*
25,925 monthly pageviews*
1,119 GFC readers
1,128 BlogLovin' followers
*figures from September 1st - October 1st 2013, taken from Google analytics

That's a combined figure of 38,809 subscribed accounts that will be exposed to your product or brand!

Currently Available Collaborative Options

Sidebar Ads
Wouldn't your ad look lovely on my sidebar?! Please get in touch to discuss current rates.

Sponsored Posts
I am open to sponsored posts! Please get in touch with me, manicurity (at) gmail (dot) com, to discuss current rates. Content has to be similar in tone and scope as blog with topics like beauty, skincare, hair, fragrance, nails, blogging, photography, shopping, etc.

Sponsored Beauty Looks & Tutorials
I would also be very interested in doing sponsored original beauty content inspired by your product, blog, or service (your product or service could be unrelated to my niche subject, i.e. I could very much rock out an ice cream inspired mani). This could be anything from a nail art post to a full make-up look and could be accompanied by an in-depth tutorial as well!

Product Reviews
I typically do not charge for product review posts as long as you agree to my product review policy and testing timelines. If you would like your product bumped to the front of the line for testing, or have a specific time frame in which you would like the post to appear on the blog then we should discuss sponsored post options.

I would love to host a giveaway for your product or service on my blog! If you are not currently sponsoring Manicurity through a sidebar ad I charge a reasonable hosting and promotion fee. Please get in touch!

Currently UNavailable Collaborative Options

Guest Posts
At this time I do NOT offer guest content or guest link posts.
I occasionally have content created by other bloggers; these posts are written by friends and I believe they are authentic and consistent with the established tone and original content already on

Text Ads
I do NOT offer in-text ads for the content of

Let's Chat!

As always, I would love to discuss specific details and options with YOU; these are just general guidelines! Please don't hesitate to email me - manicurity (at) gmail (dot) com with a relevant subject of "advertising"